True Or Fake channel? pls tell and help

I want to know is the channel and the Company running under the name of HB Entertainment Pvt.Ltd. of Patna under the Name of Mr. Sanjay Kumar is Fake or Not. The channel is launched and is running. I want to know about this channel as they are taking amount of Rs.15000 per candidate for Recruitment. The Website is please reply me and I request you not to display my name in anyway.

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Comments on “True Or Fake channel? pls tell and help

  • jeetnarayan Singh says:

    hey this is Hamni Bhojpuriya.

    Mr. Sanjay is a big time cheater/fake person, you can check the same name with the ministry website, it is .

    Please make a distance with these people, they are completely fraud people.



  • Sanjeet Singh says:

    abe murkh hai kya, budi kharab ho gayee hai tumarahi, kabhi koyee channel bhi paise lekar nokri deta hai kya. isko pakad aur jute maar.


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