कनाडा से अमितायु ने मां के लिए न्याय मांगा

यशवंत जी, आपसे उस दिन उत्तर प्रदेश पुलिस की करतूत पर बातचीत फोन से की. आपका जुझारूपन काबिले तारीफ है. कुछ मात्र सोचते रह जाते हैं, और आपने उस सोच को क्रियान्वित करने की पूरी कोशिश की. विश्वास है आप द्वारा चलाया गया अभियान और भी लोगों को न्याय दिलाएगा. ईश्वर आपको सफलता दें. कुछ विचार इसी सन्दर्भ में लिखकर भेज रहा हूं. अगर इससे आपके अभियान को सहयोग मिले तो अवश्य छापिएगा.  और कोई भी सहयोग की आवश्यकता हो तो कहिएगा. आभार.. अमितायु, कनाडा

Policing the police

The pillars of freedom in India need an immediate and a sustained treatment, lest the corrupt nibble the very foundations of a soaring country. There are rules, but are applied selectively. There are procedures but the authorities find it below their dignity to follow them. The political class are quite openly labelled as corrupt and worse. The legislative, executive, and judicial pillars are busy plumbing the depths of corruption, laxity and favouritism.

The free media exults in the role of flying the flag high of not the truth but the mighty. The focus is not the news, but dissemination of commotion and eyeball gathering scripts and jingoism has taken center stage. The horizon unfortunately is not that of truth but, own narrow interest. The wheelers and dealers fall over themselves to strike a deal to further their own interests, no matter how detrimental it is to the nation. But tearing every fabric of a safe and a free society, beating every corrupt entity by a mile in its nefarious game is the department of police.

The police are required to be firm but polite, and they undeniably are, only to the ruling class. They take the oath to be honest, and they true not to the constitution but to the masters who own them. They are required to maintain law and order and they effortlessly slither in and out of the thin line of being either the law unto themselves or an outlaw.

What the UP police did to the female member of Mr. Yaswant Singh’s family was despicable. The rules were not followed. The humane treatment that one would expect of a normal human being was lacking in its entirety. Between the options of following the law to upheld justice, they chose an illegal route. It took a determined son to raise the injustice to the next level. That the UP police have been following such procedures routinely over the years and the populace is reduced to simply pray that they never ever have to deal with a member of the police force, gives an idea of what needs to be done.

Such atrocities committed by the police have been regularly brought to the notice of an outraged nation, however, the next corruption overshadows the previous concern and the media goads the populace to the next sensational breaking news.

It is not that honest judges, politicians, media, and policemen are not there. Far from that, there are many upright people ensuring that justice and truth prevails. But, such is the vice like grip of the corrupt mafia that honest officials do not have the position of real power. They are not as organised and are marginalized within their own respective organizations. They are systematically targeted, ridiculed, persecuted or imposed upon by the corrupt system. The honest officials suffer the ignominy of being regularly passed over by less deserving people.

The way out is not of some outside social or political revolution to make the corrupt answerable for their crimes. The honest members of the police have to get together and root out this evil from within the system. At best the unbiased media can join hands to give them support, but an organised effort has to come from within the police force. This is a fight that they owe to themselves their family and the nation.

Amitayu Sharma


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