क्या होगा लेमन, चैनल वन और जहीर अहमद का?

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चर्चा बहुत तेज है कि जहीर अहमद के इर्द-गिर्द जांच एजेंसियों तेजी से शिकंजा बुनने में लगी हैं. कुछ पक्के सूत्र बता रहे हैं कि उड़ीसा की पुलिस के कुछ बड़े अधिकारी मुंबई में डेरा डाले हुए हैं. ये लोग चिटफंड कंपनी में जनता के लगाए पैसे के जरिए चैनल खरीदे जाने व चलाने के घटनाक्रम की जांच कर रहे हैं. साथ ही पैसों के आवाजाही की कुछ शिकायतों पर भी नजर गड़ाए हैं.

नियमों के मुताबिक जनता के पैसे का निवेश कराकर उसका इस्तेमाल किसी और काम के लिए नहीं किया जा सकता है. पर बताया जा रहा है कि लेमन व चैनल वन में जो पैसा लगा है उसमें बड़ी रकम जनता का है. लेमन का काम देख रहे जहीर अहमद के पार्टनर राजीव कुंवर बजाज उर्फ आरकेबी अब इस मुश्किल घड़ी में जहीर अहमद का साथ छोड़ने की तैयारी कर चुके हैं.

वे खुद के नाम से एक चैनल लाने जा रहे हैं. कनबतियां पर भरोसा करें तो आरकेबी अपना चैनल किसी दूसरे चैनल के लाइसेंस पर चलाएंगे, अर्थात किराए पर चैनल चलाएंगे, जैसा कि आजकल चलन है. उधर, कुछ लोग ये भी कह रहे हैं कि आरकेबी जब लेमन से मुक्त होंगे तो चैनल वन व लेमन, दोनों के लिए आफत के दिन शुरू हो जाएंगे. आरकेबी को जहीर अहमद और चैनल वन के सारे राज पता हैं. ढेर सारे कागजात उनके पास हैं. ऐसे में संभव है कि जहीर अहमद अपनी कोशिशों से आरकेबी को मनाने व मुंह बंद कराने में कामयाब हो जाएं. कुल मिलाकर आगे आने वाले दिन चैनल वन व लेमन के लिए काफी चुनौती भरे होने वाले हैं.

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Comments on “क्या होगा लेमन, चैनल वन और जहीर अहमद का?

  • yashvantji, lagta hai aapko theek se facts nahi pata. Jahi Ahmad ne lemon tv mei jo paisa lagaya hai, wo usi chit fund fraud ka paisa hai jisme naseer jail gaye the aur phir se jaane waale hain. vishwaas na ho to pioneer ki website pe padi ye khabar padhiye…. link bhi de raha hun. es khabar ke neeche kuchh aur khabren de raha hun, jo lemon tv mei chit fund ke paise ke lage hone se sambandhit hai aur police eski jaanch kar rahi hai…


    Chit fund case: After SC blow, Naseer gets HC jolt
    January 24, 2011 1:38:54 PM

    PNS | Cuttack

    Close on the heels of the Supreme Court canceling his bail, Bollywood filmmaker Naseer Khan, the alleged kingpin of Balasore chit fund case, received yet another jolt on Monday when the Orissa High Court refused to entertain his fresh bail bid.

    Apprehending that the Orissa Crime Branch police would arrest him again after the apex court ruling on December 2, the kingpin of `500 crore multi-level marketing frauds had approached the HC through his counsel on the day seeking bail.

    But a single judge bench of Justice SC Parija refused to hear his application saying it was not maintainable since a writ petition of the accused is still pending disposal in this court. “In case the applicant seeks any relief from the court, he can do so by making a fresh affidavit in his original writ”, the judge observed.

    Incidentally, Nasser’s original writ application in which he has sought quashing of all the charges leveled against him by the State Crime Branch police and activation of his bank accounts was listed for hearing on the day. But the High Court adjourned the matter to be heard on January 5 next.

    A division bench of Supreme Court had earlier this month cancelled the bail to the Bollywood filmmaker which was granted by the High Court on October 20, 2009. With the cancellation of the bail by the apex court, the ‘protection’ granted to Naseer by the HC-that he cannot be arrested by the police again in the same case without the leave of the court (Orissa High Court)-was also deemed to be removed.

    Naseer, a director of Fine Indisales Pvt Ltd, a Kanpur-based multi-level marketing company is alleged to have duped crores of rupees from the public, particularly in Balasore district by promising attractive returns on their deposits


    Chit fund scam money invested in media: CB
    Source : OTV Bureau
    published on : 5/9/2010 9:10:15 PM E-mail to Friend | Print This News

    Cuttack: The investigation into the multi-crore Balasore chit fund scam took a new turn after Crime Branch’s startling revelation claiming that a major chunk of the embezzled fund was invested in a private TV channel outside the state.

    Our investigation reveals that a large amount from Fine Indi Sales and Great Entertainment has been invested in Lemon TV,” Pramod Panda, crime branch DSP said.

    According to Panda, Rs 42 crores from the account of Naseer Khan, prime accused in the case, was invested for setting up a TV channel outside the state.

    Apart from this, Khan, the actor- producer of the Bollywood movie, ‘Shadow’ also invested Rs one crore in One Roof Media.

    Gradually, many more such facts are being unearthed by the Crime Branch which has been entrusted to probe the scam.

    The investigating agency had unearthed some chit fund companies and multi-level marketing companies in Balasore district for allegedly duping people of about Rs. 400 crore by promising them a return thrice the deposited amount.

    Earlier, Khan was arrested in Cuttack when he had come to meet his lawyer in the millennium city in October last year. However, he was soon let free after being granted bail by Orissa High Court.

    It is alleged that the actor-producer siphoned off huge chit fund money to invest in his debut movie ‘Shadow’.



    Fake transactions detected in chit fund case


    CUTTACK: The crime branch police probing Balasore multi-level marketing chit fund scam claim to have unearthed illegal transactions made by the accused financial companies.

    “We have detected that at least Rs 42 crores was transferred from the FineIndsale Company of Bollywood film maker Naser Khan and invested in an outside Orissa News channel called Lemon TV”, said the crime branch DSP P K Panda here on Sunday.

    Similarly, an unsubstantial amount from the same company was invested in one Roop Media, Mr Panda added.

    Mr Panda said the FineIndsale Company had also invested a large amount in making the Hindi film “Shadow”.

    “Collecting crores of rupees from Orissa investors, at least seven fly-by-night companies had transferred the money in several such fake projects where the interest of the people was least concerned”, Mr Panda said adding that the purpose of such transfers have not yet been established and are under investigation.

    It may be mentioned here that some bank accounts of these fake companies have been freezed and over Rs 200 crores has been seized. “The investors are requested to give their statements before the crime branch police team who would be camping at Sahdevkhunta police station of Balasore on May 13, 14 and 15 about their investments”, Mr Panda added.

  • Anand Mehra says:

    Its really shocking to see the above referred post in http://www.bhadas4media.com. Its all about loosing dignity of website news portal for cheap publicity & hitting below the belt. This so called worry Yashwant, CEO & Editor of Bhadas4media, for Channel One, Lemon & Mr. Zaheer Ahmed is not new. We are constantly observing the negative approach of Yashwant towards Channel One group for the last couple of months.
    There are certain lobbies working against this group. Earlier a close ally of Yahwant, has been shown the door of exit from the Channel due to his non-performance. Mr. Zaheer, Chairman of the group has given him full liberty who in turn incorporated majority of staff of his choice and after his departure, many of his ‘loyalist’ left the organization & those who remained in the system started playing the role of “Vibhishan in Ramayan”.
    Lets move to another part sitting comfortably in Mumbai & taking full “Aish” on the hard earnings of Mr. Zaheer and also making his personal earnings from Other “special means of Journalism”. He is “Humara Bajaj”, i.e. Rajiv Kunwar Bajaj.
    Bajaj, a selfish person, can’t be loyal to any organization. A Masters of Manipulation tried to marry Sahara Samay Mumbai with MTV & CNN. A man whose ideology lies in `NEWS YOU CAN USE’ definitely used the news at its best for his personal gain (monetary wise & politically).http://www.screenindia.com/old/fullstory.php?content_id=2146
    His properties in & around Mumbai & Pune can explain his personal gains. If you observe more closely to ever smiling (ad of colgate) RKB, then you will come to know that he is also master of self promotion also. Never ever he has promoted his mother organization. Be it is Sahara Samay or Lemon TV Network. He proudly writes CEO of the LEMON TV NETWORK on your website http://www.rkbshow.com/About-us.php but never bothered to have the Channels independent website…
    Just Google RKB and you can have many pages of ONLY Rajiv Kunwar Bajaj, not of Lemon TV, which his bread & butter. He has forgotten the fact that Mr. Zaheer was the person who has given him this platform when he was at cross roads and he would have been ROAD KUNWAR BAJAJ instead of Rajiv Kunwar Bajaj. But how can we expect loyalty from an imported person, (hailed from Pakistan).
    A master of yellow journalism never let dust to settle on his shoulders. If we believe to sources, he has made crores using this platform only, but he has forgotten the fact that platforms always remain where it is today & make launch pad for people.
    So, don’t worry Yashwant, just wait, many more facts are yet to come to surprise you with more proofs about all the people whom you are supporting. And don’t worry; NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO CHANNEL ONE & LEMON who so ever may come & go….. It will remain where it is and always move ahead to mark its place in the world of Media.

  • Mr. Zaheer or Mr.Bajaj ka jo hoga wo ye dono nipat lenge par ye dono ne milkar Lemon tv ( Lemon News) ke staff ki jo durdasha ki hai uske bare me Yashwantji kyu nahi koi samne lata, ya fir ye kahe ki aap kuch niji sambhando ki vajah se smne lana nahu chahte, channel ke dono varishth ek sher hai to dusra savasher par inke yanha kaam karne wale salary na milne ki vajah se rasto par aa gaye hai, kai mahino se salary nahi mili, is mahengai ke jamane me inko sirf apni padi hai, yashwanji ye ( lemon news ) aisa news channel hai yanha ki sare phone disconected hai due to non-payment, yanha pichale 2 mahino se cameraman nahi hai, lagbhag achha staff kaam chod kar chala gaya hai jo bache hai unko apni dubi hui salary milegi is lalach ne rok rakhha hai, inhi logo ke bharose channel chal raha hai, varna pichhale kai mahino se ek reporter bahar news ke liye nahi ja raha, company ke pass apni 5 maruti van hai par dhul khati hui padi hui hai, Intern se anchoring karaya jata hai, arthik pareshani ka samna yanha ka total staff kar raha hai iski kisi bhi malik ko chinta nahi hai, chinta hai to sirf itni hi ki kaise apni jeb bhari jay aur iss jeb bharne wale dhande ko apne hatho me rakhkha jay, yashwanji shayad aap isse publish na kare par aap ye baat jarur samaj lijiye ki aap jisko sath de rahe ho unhone kai garibo ki haay (Bad duaaye) li hai, garibo ki roti chhinkar apni aiyashi ko ahemiyat dene walo ke baare me jitna bhi Bura likho kam hai…
    … Khair Yashwanji aap ko ek vinanti hai ki, inki aapsi politics ko ahemiyat na do….

    Ravi Parikh
    Ex-News Editor, Lemon News…

  • gopal aryan says:


    kabhi aapne ya janch adhikariyon ne socha hai ki, naasir khan ne jo film SHADDO banai thi uss film ki lagat sirf 50 lakh rs. ki thi, lekin uske publicity k liye 150 carore mr. jaheer ko kyon di ?

    intejaar kijiye har mamla khulega bass waqt lag raha….!


    यशवंत जी सच्चाई तो यह है कि……बजाज साहब के लिए चाहे आप अपनी गर्दन काट के रख दो तो भी कम है……यही वजह है कि उन्हेने अपनों को जोडना नही सीखा…..नही तो मीडिया मे कौन ऐसा नही है जिसकी कामयाहबी के पीछे RKB का हाथ नही है……लेकिन अब समझ में आता है कि वह लोग बहुत समझदार थे जो समय रहते अपने आप को इनसे अलग करलिए..शायद उनकी यही समझदारी उनको कामयाबी की मंजिल पर लेकर चली गई…..और रही बात RKB की तो मैं यही कहूंगा गा…कि किसी की हाय कभी बेकार नही जाती….और माना कि RKB बहुत बडे अलरो रुसूख रखने वाले है………उनके अंदर जोश और जजबा है…….वह किसी को भी पल भर में हिला सकते है……..महारष्ट्र सरकार तो उनके इशारे पर ही चलती है……बल्कि यह कहना भी दुरुस्त होगा की मुख्यमंत्री जब सुबह नाशता करता है तो पहले उनसे अनुमति लेता है लेकिन…….एक वक्त आए गा……..जब लोगों कि हाय इनको लगे गी तो…….क्या होगा ..क्योंकि बहुत बडे बडे तीसमार्खा आए और चले गए…लेकिन ऊपर वाले के आगे सब कम हैं…….यशवंत जी मुझे इस बात का दुख है कि मैनें उन्ह प्रोफेशनली अपना बाप समझा और आधी रात को भी काम करने में ना नही था…बल्कि आपको खुद पता होगा कि 2611 सबसे बडा खुलासा लेमन पर हुआ था……वह मेरे जरिया हुआ था…..यशवंत जी आप भी एक सामान्य व्यक्ति है…क्या अमीरों की यही निशानी है..कि गरीबों का खून चूसो…और टी वी पर उन्ही गरीबों के हक की बात करो…..बात तो सही है कि पर्दे के पीछे क्या है…यह कहां आम लोगं को मालूम…यह तो सिर्फ मीडिया जगत के लोगों को ही मालूम है…………………….यशवंत जी आज काफी होगया और बहुत सी बातें हैं…जो आप को मैं प्रसनली बताऊंगा……….



    यशवंत जी आपको बताते चलूं कि यह मेरे सैलरी के पैसे हैं..ना कि इन से भीक मांग रहा हूं…….जो कि अभि तक नही मिले………..लेमन में सिर्फ सैलेरी इंटरटेंमंट के लिए मिलती है…….बाकि सब लोग घास खाकर अपना गुजारा करते हैं…….क्योंकि शायद लोगों को नही पता……..कि मीडिया सिर्फ इंटरटेंमंट की वजह से चलता है…..यह मेरा नही बल्कि बजाजा साहब का मानना है………और दुनिया में क्योंकि सास भी कभी बहू थी के बाद सब से अधिक देखे जाना वाला THE RKB SHOW है…जिसे पैदा होने वाला बच्चे से लेकर मरने वाला बूढा भी बगैर देखे नही सोता….बल्कि यह कहना सही होगा कि THE RKB SHOW ना हो तो शायद मीडिया का वजूद ही नही रहे गा…..कोई भी दर्शक कोई और शो देखे गा ही नही……..क्योंकि यही वह शो है जो गरीबों का हक दिलाता है…….भले अपने यहांक के रिपोर्टेर को भऊका मारदे….यहां तक कि अगर किसी के घर में मय्यत भी होजाए तो…उसे पैसा तो दूर की बात उसे दिलासा भी देने वाला कोई नही है…बजाज साहब आपके पास बहुत पैसा है…..दे दिजिए मत लीजिए गरीबों की हाय……सिर्फ इंटरटेंमंट के ही लोग आप के यहां काम नही करते …हमने भी अपने दिन को दिन नही समझा……खुद आप अपने तदिल से सोचिए…क्या नही किया आप के लिए……या लेमन क लिए…..आपके पास तो इतना पैसा है कि अगर आप चाहें गे तो सबको सैलिरी दे सकते है…….पको फर्क भी नही पडेगा…मगर मामला यह है कि आप की नियत ही देने कि………..भले किसी के घर उसेक सर पर तलवार लटक रही हो……..


  • channel one walo se fraud hamne nahi dekha. ye mufat me kaam lena cahte hai, bhugat bogi hu. wadde bade bade. unchi dukaan feeka pakwan.
    yahi karan hai inki haryana main durgati hone ka. ab pure desh main hone ja rahi hai.

  • neem ka paata says:

    kya hoga lemon ka nahi kya hoga wahan k logo ka jine 4 maheene se paise nahi mile.aor unki badduwayen rkb le rahe…15 din pahle rkb ki beti revti bajaj k beemar then….lekin abhi bhi rkb ko logo par raham nahi aaraha…..ye beemari nahi thi ye pap hai..aor un logo ki haay hai jo apne ghar se chana kha k kaam karne aate hain…aor rkb tm to apne pareewar k sath 5 star me khana khate ho…tmhe khan kisi ki kasht ka andaja hoga.,….abhi bhi tm paise nahi doge logo k


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