मिस्टर विनीत जैन, आप टीओआई में मित्ता जैसे पत्रकार को कैसे झेल रहे?

: राडिया फेम एनके सिंह ने टीओआई के मालिक को पत्र लिखकर जर्नलिस्ट मनोज मित्ता को निकाल बाहर करने का अनुरोध किया : फेसबुक पर मनोज मित्ता ने एनके सिंह का पत्र और अपनी टिप्पणी डालकर पूरे प्रकरण का खुलासा किया : यूपी कैडर के वरिष्ठ आईपीएस अधिकारी अमिताभ ने फेसबुक पर मित्ता के वॉल को देखकर पूरी जानकारी और अपने विचार को भड़ास4मीडिया के पाठकों तक इस रूप में पहुंचाया — :

Mitta is a notorious journalist?


Saw a very interesting Post on the Facebook wall of Manoj Mitta, the senior journalist from the Times of India. Here is says- “N K Singh (of the Niira Radia fame?) wants me to be sacked for crossing the lakshman rekha while questioning the Supreme Court’s handling of the Modi case!”. He also attaches the letter sent by one N K Singh to Vineet Jain, the MD of TOI.

Here is the letter-

Mr Vineet Jain ,

Managing Director

Times of India

New Delhi

The article “Lakshman rekha between 2G and Modi” (ToI 25 Sept) by Mr. Manoj Mitta looks like Teesta’s views instead of “Legal View” as mentioned in the article. Mr. Mitta through this article has tried to suggest what Supreme Court should do and why has it not done this in another case. It should be taken as contempt of court.

Mitta is a notorious journalist who has always taken side of wrong persons. He was in past projecting Binayak Sen , Prashant Bhushan , Mallika Sarabhai,Teesta setalwad, Naxals etc and now he has started preaching SC.

Is he the same Manoj Mitta who, as per news reports, drafted affidavit of Sanjeev Bhatt, IPS officer of Gujarat against Modi in SC and SIT in its report has mentioned it ? If he is the same man then I can understand his mind set, his association, his hate against Modi and the love for the lady who is under the garb of helping riots victims earned name, fame and millions of rupees and filed hundreds of falls affidavits against Modi .

In fact Mitta, in the past also has crossed Lakshman Rekha number of times by writing such articles which were totally biased and undesirable. He should learn a lesson from his fellow journalist Dhananjai Mahapatra who is always to the point in his reporting. How come such a journalist can be tolerated by ToI, Mr. Jain ?

Best Regards.

NK Singh

If it is the same N K Singh as Manoj Mitta says, who popularly known as Nandu babu, then he  is among the most powerful ex-bureaucrats of this Nation. A former IAS officer, this N K Singh is currently the Member Of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha. Wikipedia says about him-“He is known for his international connections and social networking with business men such as Sunil Mittal, Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani and L N Mittal.”He had come in bad news in the Nira Radia tapes where he was heard trying to push parliamentary debate about cerain policy issues related to Reliance Industries. He later defended his conduct and said that Reliance advocacy was for nation’s interest.

It is said that when a person of influence and huge connections says something in the nature of complaint about a working journalist, the journalist shall start searching for a new job. But one fact that seems to make life favourable for the concerned journalist here is that he has got a copy of the letter which possibly means that the owners do not want to really act upon it. Yet, if the letter is true and what has been written on Facebook wall is true, it would look like tough times for the concerned journalist.

Another interesting fact is that not everyone thinks Binayak Sen, Prashant Bhushan , Mallika Sarabhai,Teesta setalwad etc are nice people. As the letter seems to suggest, N K Singh possibly places them all in league with the Naxals. Hence, as per the letter, Mitta is a notorious journalist who has always taken side of such wrong persons. No one knows in what way Binayak Sen, Prashant Bhushan , Mallika Sarabhai,Teesta setalwad et al will take these words- as a compliment or something else?

Amitabh, an IPS officer from UP. Contact : amitabhth@yahoo.com

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  • kya bura kiya, agar nk singh sach likh rahe hain to theek hi likh rahe hain. teesta seetalwad ko khud courts se hi kya kaha gaya hai, use bhi dekhiye.


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