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: Introduction: What We Stand For : As a brand, The Economic Times / ET Now (hereinafter referred to as ET) draws its power and influence from two things: 1. Our ability to deliver the complete story: making sure our facts are correct, citing our sources, and providing analysis and context 2. The confidence of our readers that we are unbiased in our reporting and have no agenda to further save that of accurate reporting.

This Code of Conduct must be observed in spirit, not just to the letter. The purpose is to avoid any conflict of interests, any compromise of the Company’s reputation and any bias, whether real or perceived, on the part of the Company staff, be it journalists, sub-editors, editors, cameramen, photographers or senior managers etc. Adherence to these principles is an essential part of their responsibilities in ET and shall form part of their contractual obligations with the Company and hence they should at all times conduct themselves as per this code.

This code is necessarily not comprehensive – it may not cover each and every ethical dilemma that an ET colleague might face. But we hope that it will indicate the spirit in which you should react to such dilemmas – and as always, when in doubt, please consult with your supervisor or a senior ET editor.

All ET staffers must conduct themselves by the following rules:

1) Confidentiality: The Company will regularly receive confidential information as part of normal news gathering. All information which is not in the public domain is confidential. This includes information relating to the Company, its shareholders and to any company, for example information about advertisers’ credit and financial position. We will abide by the terms of Confidentiality and shall not breach a confidence or use confidential information improperly or carelessly.

2) “Church and State.”

Our reporting and analysis is entirely independent of our advertising and investment departments (Response / Sales and Private Treaties). We do not give preferential treatment to advertisers / treaty partners nor do we entertain requests from the business departments of BCCL to do so. We observe the “Chinese wall” between editorial and business.

3) Quality journalism

a) To provide the best reportage and analysis to our readers and viewers, we must ensure we are:

• Accurate: We must present information that is true, and we must verify every fact and quote that we print. Your editors have the mandate to demand to see proof of any information that you base a story on, and to know the source of information that is potentially sensitive.

• Unbiased: We must carry both sides of the story. If we are doing a negative story, we HAVE to give the subject time to respond – and carry their official denial or statement that they declined to comment, if that is what they choose to do. We should always talk to an unbiased third party, which may or may not feature prominently in the story before printing it.

• Attributed: While we must sometimes use anonymous sources, we should restrict them to the absolutely essential cases. In all cases we should explain why the source is anonymous, and we should attempt to describe the source’s relation to the story – for example “a banker involved with the negotiations” rather than “sources close to the development”

• Verified: We have missed stories because of our conservative approach. We have often had stories and not run them because of that elusive last bit of confirmation; we have woken up the next morning or several mornings later to find the same news with far fewer details in some other paper. In the long run, missing a story here or there is better for the brand and its credibility than running with a story prematurely and being forced to retract it.

• Honest: We do not make up quotes or information to support our story, nor do we appropriate the work of others – whether it’s other media or any other written / audio-visual work – and pass it off as our own. Plagiarism is a firing offence at ET.

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