Alok Tomar will always remain alive for us

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The news of sudden demise of senior journalist Alok Tomar is unbelievable. It shattered me completely. It is like a personal loss to me. He was a very brave voice of Indian media, who always stood for truth and courage. He will always be remembered for his bold, straight-forward and trustworthy writings. He always fought against evils in journalism and politics, which made thousands of people as his admirers.

Tomar Jee was a very lively person with strong will power, because of this the dreaded cancer failed to defeat him, but at last he lost to heart attacks. It is really very sad and unbearable situation for his wife Supriya jee and only daughter Mishti. Supriya jee left no stone unturned to keep his dear husband alive.

She served her husband round the clock with great devotion. Always, broad smile on her face Supriya jee was the real source of inspiration and strength to Alok jee.

The sudden heart attack interrupted the flow of oxygen to brain, and Alok jee went into comma. It was widely expected and prayed that he will come out safely from comma, and will take on mission to fight the cancer, but this time fate did not favor us, and we lost a great journalist who was also like brother to most of us.

I deeply regret that I failed to meet him at the last hour, and lost him forever. At this hour of grief, I am with Supriya jee and daughter Mishti. I pray to God to give strength to the bereaved family.

Today, when we gathered at the crematorium site to bid last farewell to Tomar jee, all eyes were wet, which showed people’s affection and great respect to him.  Daughter Mishti performed last rites of her great papa.

With the death of Tomar jee, a strong pillar of Journalism flattened today, but he will always be alive in our heart and mind and his memories will continue to pursue his mission of journalism.

Syed Asdar Ali, is a senior Journalist and close to family of Supriya & Alok Tomar jee.

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Comments on “Alok Tomar will always remain alive for us

  • Bijender Sharma says:

    वह आज भी हमारे बीच में हैं रहेंगे भी हमारी प्रेणना बनकर मेरा मानना है की वह हाथ में कलम नहीं बन्दुक लेकर चलते थे यही बात बात मुझे उनकी पससंड थी अक्सर मैंने फ़ोन पर पर उनसे हिमाचल आने की बात्त की तो हर बार उनका भरोसा मुझे मिला जनसत्ता के बाद मेरा उनके साथ डेटलाइन इंडिया से भी गहरा नाता रहा आलोक तोमर की सबसे बड़ी खासियत उनका संवेदनशील होना था
    बिजेंदर शर्मा धर्मशाला

  • Vinod Tyagi "Indra" says:

    “Alok” was my friend from Gwalior. He was nice by behaviour & heart.His news of his sad demise shocked me.
    (Vinod Tyagi ‘Indra’ Journalist & Novelist – Mob(R)09210490206(Delhi)

  • Vinod Tyagi "Indra" says:

    “Alok” was my friend from Gwalior.He was nice by nature & heart. News of his sad demise shocked me.I pray Almighty to strength his family to bear this grief.(Vinod Tyagi’Indra’ Journalist & Novelist…hailing from Gwalior (Now at Delhi) Mob(R) 9210490206(Delhi) e-mail: vktyagi1957@Rediffmail.Com


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