Prabhu, Jhilmil colony, Chawla

विवेक शुक्लाIn his outstanding piece on Prabhu Chawla, Bhai Alok Tomar made one error that he used to live in Vivek Vihar. Fact of the matter is that Chawla had an ancestral home in Jhilmil Colony, which is at shouting distance from Vivek Vihar. He lived in Jhilmil colony for decades together. He has deep roots there. Not many people perhaps know that he is responsible for the making of Yamuna sports complex, which is very close to Jhilmil colony.His father got house in that area as plots were allotted to refugees of Pakistan in late 50s and early 60s.  And when his father passed away, the then president of India, Giani Zail Singh came at his house. Chawla stayed in Vivek Vihar for some years on rent in perhaps house number C-145. One more thing. He used to enact the role of Raja Dashtrath in Jhilmil colony Ramlila before he made big in the world of journalism.

That he used to take part in Ramlila can be confirmed by several people in both Jhilmil and Vivek Vihar. His elder brother’s family still lives in Jhilmil colony. They also run a school there. I know all these facts as I have been staying close to Vivek Vihar since ages and I have many dear friends in that area who know Chawla like back of their left hand.

Vivek Shukla works for a publication house as an editor and writes at various places. He can be contacted at 09818155246.

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