Defiant Baba Ramdev defends Lauki Juice

: Hang black marketeers and adulterators : Baba Ramdev has demanded death sentence for black marketeers and adultrators. ‘Like China, we must hang those who are involved in black marketing-adulteration”, he demanded in a no-hold barred interview with Anurradha Prasad for her popular programme ‘Aamne-samne’ to be aired on Saturday. In a sensational disclosure, he said, there are many who feel that i should leave this world. There could also be some moves to eliminate me. But, i am not frightened. I am not afraid of them or death.”

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev also said, “ many state governments know about danger to my life. They came to know about this fact through their own sources. If there would be any attack on me, onus would be on them (governments).” Baba Ramdev made this disclosure when he was asked, ‘ does he expect attack from all those who he opposes tooth and nail ?’ Yoga guru, who has a massive following in both India and abroad, also said, he would continue to fight against the scourges like corruption,black money,drug abuse.

Defiant Baba is still not ready to budge even an inch on his stand on the use of juice of Lauki (bottle gourd) even after the recent death of a Delhi based scientist. “ I strongly feel and it has also been proved that the juice of Lauki can control BP,heart ailments,weight and other serious ailments. But it can prove harmful if you drink bitter juice of Lauki”.

Replying to a direct barb whether his image took a nose dive post the death of scientist, unwavering Baba said, “ Lakhs of people are greatly benefited after taking the juice of Lauki. Ask them and they would tell that drinking juice of Lauki has helped them in controlling their ailments. The recent controversy is baseless.”

On the question of growing menace of Hindu terrorism, Baba Ramdev said, “ I strongly disapprove terms like Hindu terrorism,Muslim terrorism or Sikh terrorism. This is very unfair to the whole community. There can be some black sheep in any community or religion. It goes without saying that use of such terms deeply hurt the feelings of people. I am all for strongest possible action against them.”

Baba Ramdev, who has recently even visited world famous Islamic seminary in Deoband, further adds, “ I oppose even those who used to say ‘Muslim terrorism’. No religion spreads the message of hatred.” Responding to his bitter opposition to watershed verdict of Delhi high court on gay rights, Baba Ramdev said, “ how can he support homosexuality which is against our values and principles”. He even chided Bollywood star Celina Jetley for questioning his credentials for opposing the verdict.

Talking at length about his forthcoming Bharat Nirman Yatra, Baba Ramdev said that they are organizing the yatra in order to make people aware that it is very important that they should hand over the reins of power to clean and honest people. We would also like to create an opinion in favour of Swadeshi and self-reliance and against use of drug abuse and corruption.

Baba Ramdev, who has a roots in Haryana, come down heavily on khap panchayats of his state but with a rider. “ I strongly oppose all those who take law into their own hands to oppose marriage within gotra. They must use democratic ways to put their point of view. There is absolutely no place for violent protests in democratic set-up,” he concludes. Press statement

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  • Ramdevji,
    If you are against corruption, will you advice your follower Chief Minister Narendra Modi to curtail curruption and extortion by his Ex Minister.


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