‘justice for मां’ अभियान में यूपीएसएसीसी भी शामिल

: मीडिया और मीडियावालों पर पुलिसिया दबंगई की कड़ी आलोचना की : UPSACC resented atrocities on media : Lucknow : U.P. Accredited Correspondent Committee today expressed its strongly resentment during the press briefing of the Home Department at media Centre before Home Secretary Dipak Kumar and ADG (L&O) over police attack on the Kanpur office of the Hindustan Times and Hindustan, illegal detention of the mother of Yashwant Singh Editor Bhadas4media.com at Nandganj Police Station of Ghazipur District and no action against Imam Bukhari who thrashed a journalist in police presence his press conference. Mr Brij Lal assured action in all the three issued raised today. The matters were raised by veteran journalist Ram Dutt Tripathi of BBC, Sharat Pradhan of IANS and office bearers of the Committee. Terming such incident as cowardly, unlawful and unbridled act of terror to curb freedom of press which is duty bound to inform its readers true and correct state of affairs, the President of the Committee Hisamul Islam Siddiqui, Vice President Mudit Mathur and Secretary Yogesh Mishra appealed the journalist community to act in solidarity with the journalists fraternity who are committed to bring out truth before public despite pressures from all the corners.

Expressing displeasure that in Lucknow Maulana Bukhari and his supporters who abused, threatened and thrashed a journalist at a press conference in police presence and despite criminal offence duly registered against him no action was taken and he went back Scott free.  Now in Kanpur the police themselves attack the Hindustan Times office, stopped distribution of newspapers, detained staff and seized their vehicles. Journalists working in the field feel helpless due to indifferent attitude of their Unions, Editors and Proprietors which is enhancing threat to freedom of expression in our civil society.  The third incident reported from Ghazipur District where mother of the Ediotor of  Bhadas 4Media.com Yashwant Singh was unlawfully detained  whole night without any fault.  It is really painful to see institutions like Press Council of India , National Human Right Commission and National Women Commission are silent on such issues concerning freedom of the press and a common man. All this is posing great threat to the democracy as well as independence of journalism that is in peril in Uttar Pradesh where no journalist could seek an interview with the Chief Minister due to apparent bureaucratic censorship.




Media Centre , Shastri Bhavan Annexe Lucknow

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