Lay-offs but WHY?

Yashwant Ji namaskaar, hope things are fine with you and Bhadas4Media. There has been a lot of reporting about lay-offs in media, print & electronic. But i feel that, not much has been written about the possible reasons for these lay-offs. Some reasons are obvious but important ones are too obscure. Media watchdogs like Bhadas4media should dig deep for the obscure.

After all is said and done, the primary motive of media (houses), euphemismically called the fourth pillar of Democracy, is to maximise profits like any other business organization.

The times are changing fast. It’s a mad race for profits. A secret memo prepared by the Citigroup called the “Citigroup plutonomy memo” has been on net since it leaked. The new movie of Micheal Moore also mentions it. Its a bit shocking and outrageous report, worth reading. The new Movie of Micheal Moore, Capitalism: A Love Story, is equally worth watching. It is a funny and powerful film about corporate power in America (and we are so good imitators of America). It can easilly be accessed through net. I wish that every one should read those reports and watch the movie.

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