नदीम खेमे ने पुष्पेंद्र से पूछे 26 सवाल

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प्रेस क्लब आफ इंडिया का माहौल गरम हो गया है। चुनाव प्रचार जोरों से चल रहा है। एक दूसरे पर शब्दों और आरोपों के जहर बुझे तीर चलाए जा रहे हैं। फिलहाल टक्कर नदीम और पुष्पेंद्र पैनलों के बीच है। नदीम का पैनल पुष्पेंद्र के पैनल को मात देने के लिए हर संभव कोशिश कर रहा है। पुष्पेंद्र पर कई तरह के आरोप लगाए जा रहे हैं तो उनसे कई सवाल भी पूछे जा रहे हैं। नदीम खेमे ने पुष्पेंद्र से 26 सवालों का जवाब देने को कहा है। ‘We demand to know from the Secretary General’ शीर्षक से जारी एक मेल में सेक्रेटरी जनरल उर्फ पुष्पेंद्र कुलश्रेष्ठ से पूछे गए 26 सवालों की खासियत यह है कि इन सवालों में ही इनके जवाब भी छिपे हुए हैं। मेल में 26वें सवाल के बाद नदीम खेमे ने अपने पैनल के प्रत्याशियों का जिक्र कर सभी से इन लोगों को वोट देने की अपील की है। सवाल इस प्रकार हैं- 

We demand to know from the Secretary General –

  1. Why no statutory audit was done since March 31, 2005?
  2. Why does the Press Club of India have a liability to the tune of Rs 1 crore?
  3. Why payments and receipts exceeding more than Rs 5000/- were made in the last three years on kuttcha bills?
  4. Why were Income Tax returns not filed for the last three years?
  5. Why was statutory income tax not deducted at source in payments made to lawyers, contractors and tent owners for the last three years?
  6. Why was a separate Press Club account opened without taking the executive and treasurer into confidence?
  7. Where have the Fixed Deposits opened in various banks prior to 2005 vanished?
  8. Who deposited a cheque of Rs 99 lakh in the State Bank of  Patiala and where is the amount?
  9. Why did the club incur a penalty of Rs 27,000/- and why was the managing committee kept in the dark about these transactions?
  10. Why was TV antennae worth Rs 1.75/- lakh sold for a pittance Rs 1500/- and why was everyone in the Managing Committee kept in the dark about this?
  11. Where has the amount of Rs 7,40,000/- received from Reliance for the installation of a mobile tower deposited?
  12. Why is there no separate record of the income generated by the display of photo exhibitions and media centre?
  13. Who has pocketed the money that was received at the rate of Rs 4000/- per month since 2007 towards advertisements costs paid by a cigarette dealer by the name of Bharatram Tirathram?
  14. Why was the Bagga Tent House paid Rs 1.25 lakh on an unsigned bill presented by them in April 2009?
  15. Why was Rs 3500/- taken from Sulabh International in April 2009 and Rs 10,500/- from an individual Sanjay Kumar, not deposited with the accounts department?
  16. Why wasn’t membership subscription money to the tune of Rs 35,000/- each, collected from Shri Pratap Singh and Shri Samir Mitra not been deposited till date?
  17. Why are only 13 Air Conditioners left when there were 33 earlier including 14 new ones? What is the mystery of the missing 19 ACs?
  18. Where has the generator acquired for PCI disappeared?
  19. Why was a clandestine deal struck with a contractor to privatise the upper hall without the consent of the managing committee and on what terms?
  20. Why are ice cubes being purchased at the rates of Rs 5/- per kg when the prevalent market rate is Rs 3/- per kg?
  21. Why were more than 250 new ordinary members were enrolled without the approval of the managing committee.
  22. Why were several new members made after a Managing Committee resolved in May 2008 not to make new members given the pressure on the PCI infrastructure?
  23. Why was a proposal to increase the entry fee for new members in the ordinary category raised from Rs 5000/- to Rs 10,000/- without discussing it in the MC and thereafter placing it in the AGM?
  24. Why does not the secretary general make his credentials public if he is a genuine journalist?
  25. Why is he contesting for the fifth consecutive time on the same post if he doesn’t have any vested interest in mind?
  26. Why did the secretary general go back on his word after stating publicly that he would hand over charge within 24 hours to the EGBM appointed interim committee on August 22, 2009. Why did he freeze the bank account , approach the court and file false complaints with the police the very next day?

Dear members, the questions posed above are self-explanatory. We leave it to you to decide whether you want status quo to prevail or do you want to support a panel that promises transparency, accountability and a vision that goes behind self-aggrandisement.


For the five Office Bearer posts – Arun Kesari (President), Nadeem A. Kazmi (Secretary General), Savita Srivastava (Vice-President), Vijay Saluja (Vice-President), Avtar Negi (Treasurer)

For the 16 – member Executive Committee – Ashish Sinha, Chitrita Sanyal, Dinesh Tiwari, Hitendra Kumar, Joginder Solanki, K. N. Joshi, Manan Kumar, Nirnmesh Kumar, Pradeep Bagchi, Pradeep Thakur, Praveen K Singh, Savita Srivastava, Suresh Nautiyal, Sushil Kumar, Vincent Van Ross, Vijay. S. Chaturvedi.

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