Regarding VOI and TRiveni media

Everything you write is very nice…I have been following your website almost for past 2 years now. Triveni Media limited had started Voice of India channels and they also started ISMS, School of Media studies. Aprroximately Rs.50000/- fees was paid by lot of students who joined there, in different courses Videography, Editing and more others.

these hundred odd student completed their course.. rather there was no faculty to teach.. somehow managed to pass their time for few months there at ISMS noida building and.. what happenes next. they are sent to VOI channel to work… With working for Rs.5000/-per month full time.lot of these students didn’t even got their money.

during the time of the course, everyone were very happy bcos they were told they will be getting a starting of Rs.11000. plus salary.. but no one even got proper certificates, internship letters. just a piece of paper a print out which had TML limited certificates.

The other 300 employees working their faced problems, they were experienced enough to get jobs.. but what about the others.. the ISMS students.. they were very easy and nicely cheated by couple of enior officials who tday claim they were to cheated or fooled.

Rochan Chopra
[email protected]

Comments on “Regarding VOI and TRiveni media

  • chandan Singh says:

    इसकी नई चाल है…… अरे पाखंडो ….. अब क्या बेचारा विधार्थी को लुटने का नया तरकीब बना रहे हो… इसके जाल में मत फसना दोस्तों मीडिया में काम करने के लिए इनके पास course करने कि कोई जरुरत नहीं है…. ये चैनल वाले किसी को भी रख लेते है….. इनकी कोई criteria ही नहीं है…..ये भोले भले को फसाने का नया तरीका है……

    अरे भड़ास वाले आप ये क्या कर रहे हे इस प्रकार के विज्ञापन अपने पोर्टल पर कहे को दे रहे है…… क्यों बेचारे को दिग भ्रमित कर रहे है…..

    आप इस कमेन्ट को जरुर छापे …….



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