पंचलाइन कचोटता है जब एचटी बिल्डिंग के सामने से गुजरता हूं

नीरज भूषणयशवंत भाई, मैं भूला नहीं हूँ हिंदुस्तान टाइम्स का पंचलाइन — लिव स्मार्ट. यह पंचलाइन कचोटता है जब कस्तूरबा गाँधी मार्ग स्थित उसकी बिल्डिंग के सामने से गुजरता हूँ. इतनी बड़ी इमारत और उतना ही ऊंचा उसका अहम. कोलाज के माध्यम से दिखलाने की कोशिश किया हूँ कि दिल्ली के बिलकुल बीचों-बीच कैसे एक ही जगह की दो तस्वीरें हो सकती है. हिंदुस्तान टाइम्स अखबार से 2004 में सिर्फ 362 कर्मचारी ही नहीं निकाले गए थे बल्कि उस घटना ने बाकियों के लिए भी गेट खोल दिया था. बाद में संपादक मृणाल पाण्डेय को भी वहाँ से तशरीफ़ लेकर जाना पड़ा था. मैं तो हिंदुस्तान टाइम्स बिल्डिंग के सामने से गुजरता हूँ तो कई भावनाएं उठती हैं, मन विचलित होता है. इसी सम्बन्ध में प्रस्तुत है मेरा नया पोस्ट.

लिंक दे रहा हूँ : http://neerajbhushan.com/2010/11/08/live-smart-the-hindustan-times-way/


नीरज भूषण

Live Smart – The Hindustan Times way

-Neeraj Bhushan-

I feel for the workers. In fact I put them before myself, which I believe is the path to my true happiness. I feel the feel they feel. I can’t ignore their woes whether they are part of my association or not.

In New Delhi, while the agitation launched by my trade union PTI Employees’ Union enters its eight year, I am concerned that my friends at the counry’s other premier news organisation Hindustan Times continue to long for justice.

In an unprecedented move in the history of the media industry, 362 workers of the Hindustan Times were dismissed from service six years ago; many others were then removed or transferred subsequently. Today, with their leaders also having been removed from service, the workers seem to be fighting a never ending battle. I meet many of them quite often in labour courts from where they can be seen returning empty handed after each hearing.

It is unfortunate that most of us just happen to pass by the Hindustan Times Building situated at the plush Kasturba Gandhi Marg in the heart of the national capital Delhi, oblivious of the misery and pitiable conditions of ’some other’ human beings. Here’s a glimpse from the spot, as captured by me:

With such a long time having been exhausted, I believe the workers should not be satisfied with anything but victory. Victory should certainly be theirs; it is a matter of time. They should keep believing in their non-violent ways and remain committed to achieving their objectives through peaceful and legitimate means. They are not alone. In their support, may I reproduce here the famous Lagaan number as also few lines from my favourite Bob Dylan…

“How many roads must a man walk down / Before you call him a man? …

How many years can some people exist / Before they’re allowed to be free? …

How many times must a man look up / Before he can see the sky? …

Yes, ‘n’ how many ears must one man have / Before he can hear people cry? …

Yes, ‘n’ how many deaths will it take till he knows / That too many people have died?

The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind / The answer is blowin’ in the wind.”

Laal Salaam.

कई बड़े मीडिय हाउसों में विभिन्न पदों पर काम कर चुके नीरज भूषण इन दिनों स्वतंत्र पत्रकार और वेब जर्नलिस्ट के रूप में सक्रिय हैं.

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