: GAME BEHIND BLACKOUT : I come to know a blackout in Azad news. It is sad that one more unit of our media industry is takings its last gasp after the Voice of India and Hyderabad based HYTV. Why this problem is coming in news generating houses? So my message to all my brethrens journo…

It is sad feature of our media industry now days. The channels are coming up in spate. Not only this they differ in aim too. Some want to make political clouts more strong and some want to make quick money through advertisement which is not an easy game.

Political clouts are visible from the Nira Radia’s episode. Media persons can help in allocating portfolios in Union Cabinet also. Sad but true. Yes this is the journalism today. Why people are making compromises? Reason is simple enough they have to earn wads of lucre.

There is another aspect of this tough game. For sending your signal to the public there should be another barrier caused by cable operators. They can switch off the channel any time. Politicians know the use this vital key with full efficiency. Now they have direct or indirect hand in cable operator sector. So, it is not easy to earn lucre in this rat race. When the money minting machine stops the problem comes. Blackout is the result.

We never talked about the remedy. Yes now it is the high time to ask the Television channels and Print Media for transparency in appointments. At this stage the young generation has to make a call against one sided bonds and appointment letters. One could file a Public Interest Litigation against this alleged money embezzlement in media houses. One can use Right to Information to expose this alleged exploitation. Yes, be fear less fight for righteousness. You are journalist then why you are suffering from exploitation.

Everybody has the right to ask his/her employers for EPF number and Salary Slip. If your organisation is slipping for it, definitely there is something wrong below the carpet. When you are the journalists they you have to do your duty inside your house too. If cleansing is required then do it. Say no to exploitation. I know at this point your job is on the stake. Please come in a unified manner and raise voice against pink slip to your fellow journalists. Bring the truth out or come out in unified manner.

Here I want to bring into fore that Wage Board For Journalists are mute from long time. There is no transparency in giving salaries in media houses. Some are paying good and some even below the salary of daily wage labourer sanctioned by the government of India. When you are raising the woes of masses then why you are mute on your turn. Yes, say just no to exploitation and no to exploiters. Ask for your rights under the ambit of the Constitution and Law.

Why our editors are not helping to short out this problem? Reason is pristine clear. They are puppets in the hand of owners or in the hands of politicians. Oh yeh, puppet acts according to the cues given by the strings controlled by the director. Moreover, they are getting hefty amount in the wallets due to our sweat. Why they will raise our voice? Yes, we have to fight our battle.

When we know the truth then why being a journalist we are silent against the exploitation of our fraternity. Be a journalist.  Ask the Press Council of India, Editors Gild of India and other unions for the answer. If the so called custodian of Indian Journalism remains mum then opt the course of Law. Otherwise use the formula of Father of Nation Mahatama Gandhi Ji against oppression and exploitation.

Shun the fear of losing jobs. Otherwise the future generations will also become slaves. Say no to servitude. Enlighten the sprit of brave journalist in oneself. If sacrifice is required then do it for future generation. It’s the high time for Wage Board to Journalists too.





  • prashant kumaar says:

    99% persons working with media houses are only samvaddata. (read it correspondents) You can not expect muchfrom them just because they are not journalists, though they wanted to call themselves to be. The term journalists contains a vast meaning. It defines not only to write about the corrupt means but to implement it within the boundary of his thinking. Bhai saab aap kahan pachde mein pad gaye. Zara poonch utha ke dekhye saare log maada nazar ayenge.

  • विजय शु्क्ला says:

    कुलदीप सिंह जी,

    आपने जिस मुद्दे को उठाया है, वो सभी पत्रकारों के दिमाग़ के किसी कोने में ज़रूर कुलबुला रहा होगा. मुश्किल ये है कि पत्रकार भी अब पत्रकार कहां रहा. वो तो बाहर से चमचमा रहे कॉरपोरेट जगत का एक टिमटिमाने वाला बल्ब बनकर ख़ुश हो रहा है. किसी चैनल या अख़बार के दफ़्तर में मौजूद होने के एहसास से भीतर ही भीतर जगमगा रहा है.
    मैं फ़िर कहता हूं, कि मालिकों के शोषण की तक़लीफ़ हर पत्रकार बर्दाश्त कर रहा है, चाहे वो अख़बार / चैनल का मुखिया हो या फ़िर अपने पसीने से गह भरने वाला अदना कर्मचारी पत्रकार. परेशानी ये है कि नौकरी पर गुज़ारा करने वाले हर शख्स को महीने के अंत में चाहिए एकमुश्त रकम. अपनी ज़िंदगी और अपने परिवार को सुखी रखने की क़ीमत पत्रकार को भी चुकानी पड़ती है. पत्रकार भी ईएमआई का शिकार है, उसे भी अपने बच्चे को अच्छे स्कूल में पढ़ाने की दरकार है. उसे भी चार पहिया पर चलने का मन करता है. उसे भी मरने से पहले ख़ुलकर जीने का हक़ है. अफ़सोस इस बात का है कि बंधे-बंधाए इस रास्ते को छोड़कर, नया रास्ता बनाने का जोख़िम कोई नहीं उठाना चाहता. जिसे महीने के अंत में गांधी छाप गड्डी मिल रही है, वो भला क्यों उसे खोना चाहेगा.

    मरते रहो, नौकरी करते रहो.


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