Barkha Vir Tata

अमिताभ ठाकुर
अमिताभ ठाकुर
Some very highly startling revelations have been made in the media in last few days where allegations of very serious nature have come up. They relate to some of the top political persons, industrial houses and media persons. The persons being named in these reports are extremely influential and powerful ones.

In the center of all this turmoil is a person named Ms Nira Radia. The Noesis Consultancy service of which she is a director says- “Ms. Nira has been an entrepreneur for more than 25 years, with extensive consultancy experience in the Aviation, Travel, Tourism and the Communication industry.” She is apparently in the Public Relations business with her Vaishnavi Enterprises. What have created the storm are some documents and taped conversations. The documents include the so-called letters written by Sri Vineet Agrawal, a B Tech from IIT Delhi and an IPS officer of Maharashtra Cadre, 1994 batch to Sri Milap Jain, a very senior IRS officer and currently the Director General of Investigation in New Delhi. Sri Agrawal presumably wrote this letter while he was DIG of Anti-corruption Branch in CBI at New Delhi. From the contents of a letter circulating widely on Internet, it seems that the case No RC DAI 2009 A /0045 relates to section 13(2) r/w 13(1)(d) of Prevention of Corruption Act in which allegations as regards criminal conspiracy between certain public authorities and private persons in the grant of UAS licences related with the Ministry of Telecommunications in the year 2007-08 are being investigated. As per this letter dated 16/09/2009, Sri Agarwal mentions that one Ms Nira Radia of Noesis Consultancy was actively involved in this criminal conspiracy.

The names involved in the case include a Cabinet minister and a State minister and a few bureaucrats, These are the varieties that do not make any special impact on any person’s mind because scam after scam many of these groups have lost so much of their shine tand people have started taking them like that. But there are at least three names that clearly rattle us and make us both shiver and shriek. They are the names of Mr Ratan Tata, Mr Vir Sanghvi and Ms Barkha Dutt. None of them need any introduction in India. They are among the top persons in their profession. But more importantly they are also the symbol of highest ethical values. They are the role models. They are the yardstick of honest intentions. People all over the country believe in them and their words. They are not ordinary fellows like me and you for whom “sab kuch chalta hai”. They have been known as being non-compromising tall figures in the world of selfish pygmies.

And yet sadly all three of them are being named in these correspondences as tainted hands. The documents that are in circulation as Top Secret ones have the names of Mr Ratan Tata, Mr Saghvi and Ms Barkha scattered all. It says- “On Mrs Radia’s and Kanimozhi’s behalf Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi were negotiating for ministerial birth”. Again it says- “There is a big conversation between Mr Ratan Tata and Mrs Radia which establishes that Mr Tata wanted to prevent Dayanidhi Maran from Telecom Minister at any cost.”

I am sure that the entire nation would be interested in knowing the real facts in this case. It is either that these documents are reports in circulation are absolutely false and fake or they are true. In either case, it would be appropriate if the truth is brought forth and everyone comes to know of the real facts. Many of us, who have been the fans and followers of Mr Ratan Tata, Ms Barkha and Mr Vir Sanghvi are all the more concerned to know where exactly the truth lies. The breaking of such an idol is a painful one and we do not want to bear it. We would not even like such mails and theories to circulate around if they are incorrect; because that would not only be malicious it would also be dangerous. A Nation needs heroes and playing with such hero’s reputation and heroism is a heinous crime.

But on the contrary, if these facts are correct and what Sri Vineet Agrawal’s so-called documents state are true then appropriate justice must be done at all costs. We can’t let go people playing with our sentiments all through by using high-sounding words in their public appearances and building a false image of greatness while using this facade for vested purposes.

Not everyone would be knowing that  Mr Agrawal is the author of a book “Romance of a Naxalite” about his stay in Gadchiroli district, a Naxal infested district in Maharashtra. His romance with destiny might have begun now.

And now the National RTI Forum is also doing its bit by asking for veracity and truth about the above mentioned documents thru the provisions of the RTI Act.

Amitabh Thakur

President, IRDS, Lucknow

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