राडिया प्रकरण के दस्तावेजों पर आरटीआई

राडिया फोन टेप मामले में कई दस्तावेजों के सार्वजनिक होने, कई पात्रों के नाम उजागर होने, कई अधिकारियों की भूमिका के बारे में जानकारी मिलने और इन पर खबरें प्रकाशित होने के बाद इन सब सूचनाओं की वैधता की जांच के लिए नेशनल आरटीआई फोरम भी सक्रिय हो चुका है. फोरम की कनवीनर डा. नूतन ठाकुर ने जानकारी दी है कि सीबीआई के पब्लिक इनफारमेशन आफिसर को एक पत्र लिखकर इन दस्तावेजों के संबंध में कई जानकारियों मांगी गई है. पूरा पत्र इस प्रकार है-

The Public Information Officer


New Delhi

Subject- Seeking information under the Right to information Act 2005


I request you to provide me the following information under the provisions of the Right to information Act 2005-

  1. Is a case No RC DAI 2009 A 0045 dated 21/10/2009 registered with the CBI?

  2. What are the criminal sections of IPC and/or PC Act under which this case is registered?

  3. Is this case related with the UAS licence grant in 2007-08?

  4. Is this and/or any other case(s) registered with CBI in the UAS licence grant case or 2G spectrum licence case related with the Ministry of Telecommunication?

  5. Who are accused named in all the above such FIR(s)?

  6. Is the name of a Ms Nira Radia coming in these investigations and/or enquiries?

  7. Has the CBI already made Ms Nira Radia an accused or is her name only figuring at the discussion stage?

  8. Was there an officer named Mr Vineet Agrawal, IPS posted with the CBI till the last year?

  9. Was he posted as the DIG in this agency?

  10. Which branch did Mr Vineet Agrawal look after?

  11. Was he by any means the DIG of ACB with his office at CGO Complex at Lodhi Road?

  12. Is he still with the CBI?

  13. When had he come to the CBI? When did he leave? Was his term over? If the term was not over, why was he suddenly repatriated to his home cadre?

  14. Did Mr Agrawal write a letter dated 16/11/2009 to Mr Milap Jain, IRS who was then the DGIT (Investigation), New Delhi?

  15. Did the letter relate to some discussion about Ms Nira Radia?

  16. A letter is circulating widely on Internet and around, being claimed as that being written by Mr Agrawal to Mr Jain. I am providing a copy of this letter? Is the letter being claimed as that of Mr Agrawal a real one or a fake one?

  17. There is another copy being attached as a part of some Top secret document which is again circulating so widely on Internet and otherwise. I attach a copy of that letter. Kindly tell us about the veracity of that letter, i.e., whether that letter is a real one or a fake one?

  18. There are many other documents and/or their parts which are circulating so widely on Internet and otherwise. I attach a copy of three of these. Kindly tell us about the veracity of that letter, i.e., whether that letter is a real one or a fake one?

  19. Has the CBI come in the knowledge of such documents being circulated freely among public?

  20. Has the CBI and/or any other government agencies made these official documents public?

  21. If no, then how come the various newspapers/media organizations and common public are in possession of these so-called Top secret official documents?

  22. Has any enquiry been conducted for the leak of such important information? If yes, who were the Enquiry officers? And what were the outcome of these enquiries? Or is the enquiry still going on? If No, then why has such an important fact been ignored? Was it deliberately done or was it due to the involvement of some higher ups in the departments in the leakage of the news and/or documents? Kindly provide a copy of such Enquiry report if any (in case it does not infringe the Schedule II).

  23. If, on the contrary, such documents are false and cooked ones, then what action has CBI initiated against those who seem to be playing with the agency’s reputation at free will?

  24. If the CBI has not been intimated of these facts before, I take the opportunity to inform the agency through this letter and request them to take the appropriate action on the said information.

    I am enclosing a Postal Order No- 57E-742924 dated- 06/11/2009 of Rs. 10 (Rupee ten only) as required under the provisions of the RTI Act. I also request you to let me know the requisite charges needed to be provided by me for any extra copies of the information under the various provisions of the Act.



Lt No- NRF/CBI/NR/01

Dated- 10/05/2010

Tanaya Thakur,

5/426, Viram Khand,

Gomti Nagar,


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