All should respect and adhere to the Court verdict

Dear FRIEND, The Court verdict on the Ramjanambhoomi-Babri Masjid titleship issue has been given earlier today. All should respect and adhere to the Court verdict. Even though the Government had sent strict prior instructions to the TV News Channels not to air anything that will incite passions and the newspapers as well as the TV News Channels really did play a commendable role, we have not thought what impact it will have on our children and the future generations.

The young children who are hearing the words ‘Hindu Temple’ and ‘Muslim Mosque’ and have been witness to the tension that subsequently got built will surely grow up considering the adherents of the other religion as ‘different’ and ‘who were opposed to their place of worship’. Such media exposure is bound to deepen the already created wedge between the two communities.

It is time to take initiative. And initiative has to come from the Muslims. A very interesting solution has been given as the ‘The Immediate Solution’ in the last chapter of book ‘MUSLIMS NEED TO CONVERT TO ISLAM’ compiled by some Saiyed Haider (the passage is given below for you to read). Taking cue from this book, we at Life Watch feel that it is time for us to take the initiative of approaching the adherents of Hindu religion with a formal request for friendship. I, Aziz Haider – born to Muslim parents – hereby formally approach you – born to Hindu parents – for FRIENDSHIP. Kindly give your approval response in writing at the earliest so that I can ‘present the names to a couple comprising of a Hindu and Muslim spouse’.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Aziz Haider


Passage from the book ‘Muslims need to convert to Islam’ compiled by Saiyed Haider

The immediate solution

As the first step towards forgetting the past and strengthening social integration among Hindus and Muslims, for the much greater cause of leading our country India on path towards global supremacy and greatness as the world power, the march towards which has been consistently hampered in the past and our progress is still being slowed due to the differences that exist between Hindus and Muslims and due to the huge mass of 150 million backward Muslims whose backwardness is debilitating India’s progress, very much like a load tied to an athlete’s leg, this compiler suggests the forthcoming measures to be taken:

1) Every Indian who is proud of India’s citizenship should consider it mandatory to make 5 friends from amongst rest of Indian citizens adhering to religions other than his or hers. For instance, each Indian Muslim should formerly approach 5 non-Muslims for friendship and once this permission is obtained, present the names to a couple comprising of a Hindu and Muslim spouse, be it Gauri and Shahrukh Khan, Meera and Muzaffar Ali or any such couple in the vicinity. The Hindus should also do the same in the country’s interest. Every such friendship should be widely propagated so as to motivate others.

2) Every Indian employer with a minimum employee base of 100, should employee at least 70% non-Muslims, if the employer happens to be a Muslim, and at least 7% Muslims, if the employer happens to be a Hindu. If employers with less work force do this, nothing better.

3) The Government should form a special ministry with sincere and dedicated people at its helm, identify 12 major groups/sections from Indian population and commence work for their social, moral and economic betterment on immediate basis. Of utmost importance is to provide them modern education, at least till class X that will help them integrate with the Indian public and to take care of their basic health and sustenance needs. These 12 groups should necessarily include the farmers, the Muslims, the adivasis, the dalits, the Kashmiris, the SCs, the North Easterners, the Minorities and the STs.

4) The present system of caste based reservations should be abolished. Groups, say 14, are formed that will include all the Indian population. For instance, groups can be like the farmers, the Muslims, the adivasis, the dalits, the Kashmiris, the SCs, the STs, the Upper Castes, the North Easterners, and so on, the last of 14 being ‘The Rest’. Every person, even if he falls in two or more groups, will have to choose between 1 of the groups; with no category as ‘General’. An independent census is carried out to know the population of all these groups. For every placement exercise, say Civil Services, while the first 50% candidates should be selected purely on merit, the rest 50% should be selected on the basis of reservation with each group having 50% reservation to its population in India. No Indian citizen will have reasons to complain.

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