It’s all politics, General..!

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जगमोहन फुटेलाThe ones who do not die of enemy’s bullet can end up with the kindness of friends, they say. It’s not apparent so far if General Deepak Kapoor applied for a plot in Gurgaon. He might have been approached to have one there, if yes. Or accept at least if generosity of the state government showers upon him. You never know, he might have been wooed to vie for one but not for the reason being given. Fact lies with the politics.

Vote bank politics in pure and practical terms, I say. I wish u refresh your memory with the pre mature Lok Sabha elections in ’99 and Chautala’s even powerful come back in 2000.Kargil had just happened. Chautala in his very first decision as Chief Minister (after the fall of Bansi Lal despite Congress’s ‘politically unwise’ help and humble pie) had decided to enrich every shaheed jawaan’s family by ten lacs of rupees. He did what he promised in less than a quarter and made congress bite dust in less than a year within ‘99 itself. He, in alliance with BJP, routed Congress first in the Lok Sabha elections and then deprived Bhupendra Singh Hooda of the Chief Ministership he was taking for guaranteed ever since he managed save BJP bitten Bansi Lal.

Bansi Lal had played joke with Congress in general and Hooda in particular. He refused to merge or even ally with the then state congress president Hooda’s congress. Promise of transferring power and legacy to Hooda had gone haywire. Frustrated congress’s efforts to break Bansi’s flock to try make it’s own majority had resulted in HVP’s division yes, but failing in keeping hold of many those who preferred Chautala over Bhuppi.Bhuppi would have paid for highest level of political immaturity had Bhajan Lal not annoyed the high command observers during 2005 Assembly polls(he failed to be CM despite having mustered 67 out of 90 seats as state president, but that’s a different story).

Chautala had proved one thing beyond any doubt that Haryanvis do have a very deep emotional attachment with the army and its men serving, retired, sacrificed or still to join. He had not touched even 25 mark ever after the great 85 out of 90 victory in ’87. But Kargil and its aftermath clubbed with Bansi Lal’s jugglery with the congress had made him messiah amongst Haryanvis who have deep passion for army. Army is not simply the source of salaries for them. They, in fact, believe they are born for it. You look and try finding the trend thereafter; they have been with Chautalas.More so, emotionally.

Congress in general and Hooda in particular wanted General for that very reason and need. This is why he was toed and bestowed.  Also living in Haryana his predecessor V.P.Malik might not be of any electoral use. He never aspired or even indicated an iota of love for politics.May be Kapoor could get them some broken Punjabi hearts too. Politicians do have all the right to keep in sight all the weaponry best for fight.

Why General Kapoor alone, I as an army fan, would like every soldier to get a plot in Gurgaon but then they would not do so for the want of domicile certificate and so on. They can but ignore thy own rules for the want of ‘encouraging the Haryanvi youth’ (to join army) as they say. But then what about the rule that you should not have any other property in the state? Not even in the name of your spouse the rule says. It reads further, (sanctioning) authority will ensure and satisfy itself that the applicant is eligible from all aspects. Authority here, I believe, is Administrator HUDA at Gurgaon.It be asked to explain if it adhered to law. But first thing first. Why did the state government desired to deviate from its own policy to allot a plot to one who never asked for it first and then was not eligible in terms of domicile and was also holding property in Haryana.

Congress may or may not be willing to inquire into this. It won’t prefer open all Pandora boxes of fool foxes. It has not been able inquire or act in Ashok Chavhan’s adarsh episode. Not so far. Some say Hooda’s M.P. son is even closer- to Rahul.

By Jagmohan Phutela

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