प्रसार भारती को बीबीसी बनाना चाहती हूं : मृणाल

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बहुत बढ़िया बात है. हम सब भी यही चाहते हैं. अगर आप ये कर पाती हैं तो निश्चित रूप से इतिहास बदल देंगी. आपके पुराने सारे अपराध लोग भूलकर आपकी जय जय करने लगेंगे. होना भी यही चाहिए. कोई अगर बड़े पद पर जाता है तो उसे मुंशी प्रेमचंद की पंच परमेश्वर वाली कहानी के हिसाब से सही को सही और गलत को गलत कहने का जज्बा पैदा कर लेना चाहिए, भले ही वो अतीत में ऐसा न कर पाया हो. भारत देश और खासकर मीडिया के लोग आपकी तरफ आशा भरी निगाह से देख रहे हैं. ‘दूरदर्शन’ और ‘आकाशवाणी’ को रोल माडल की तरह होना चाहिए. अब तक नहीं हुआ. पर आपके विचार बहुत उम्दा हैं. उम्मीद करते हैं कि आप इस पर खरी उतरेंगी. सारे मीडिया वाले आपके नए चैलेंज और नए काम की तरफ आशा भरी निगाह से देख रहे हैं.

-यशवंत, एडिटर, भड़ास4मीडिया

Prasar Bharati can be India’s BBC: Pande

‘Institution a sleeping giant waiting to be aroused’

Aditi Tandon

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, January 27

मृणाल पांडेIf Prasar Bharati were to be Mrinal Pande’s home, emancipation would be its loudest streak. Having limped a while along the path of freedom, country’s national broadcaster may finally find its feet, with reins resting firmly in safe hands – those of writer Mrinal Pande, whose powerful works and frank opinions have captured the Indian imagination for over four decades now.

Even today as the news came in that she had been appointed to lead the world’s largest public broadcasting corporation, Mrinal was busy today lending final touches to the collected works of her mother Shivani, a celebrated author, an inspiration to many. She will take charge of the Prasar Bharati shortly.

“We were lucky to have parents who allowed us the right to our opinion. We could always take our own decisions,” Mrinal told The Tribune, in an exclusive interview at her South Delhi residence, which still wears an old world charm, enhanced by the works of Tagore, Ram Kumar and Raza. “This one was Rabindra Nath Tagore’s gift to my mother, who was his student at Shantiniketan,” says the first woman chief of Prasar Bharati, pointing to a Tagore sketch and a photograph of his Shantiniketan class.

“Prasar Bharati is something we had the deepest faith in. Its first chairperson Nikhil Chakravarty was my ideal. We must restore the faith,” she says, describing the institution as a sleeping giant waiting to be aroused. “It has tremendous potential to be India’s own BBC, which caters to people by defying the rat race and commercial pressures and being what its creators wanted it to be,” Mrinal adds, calling herself the “first among equals” at the institution.

It is this legacy of wisdom that would set Mrinal apart in her new role as chairperson of the Doordarshan-All India Radio (AIR) combine. “I am happy, humbled, and touched,” she says as a first formal reaction to the move that brings in its fold both challenges and expectations.

And Mrinal is conscious of the tasks ahead, especially in times when private satellite TV channels are airing into homes content that is often profit-driven. To steer an ailing Prasar Bharati in such difficult times and steer it well may not be easy, but Mrinal has her priorities listed out. Trustworthiness of the brand, she says, would be her top concern, and trustworthiness is always above gender and politics. “Mine is a non-executive post. We also have great visionaries like Muzaffar Ali, Shyam Benegal, and Suman Dubey on the board. Hopefully, something good will come out of this,” says the journalist, who published her first short story way back in 1967, when women’s writing was still a virgin area. She, however, went on to become the editor of “Saptahik Hindustan” and then “Hindustan”, HT’s Hindi daily. In between, Mrinal continued to author books, bringing to her works a broad intellectual base she inherited from her parents. Mrinal’s father opened several schools in Uttaranchal after the Indo-China war. She herself went on to study English and Sanskrit literature, ancient Indian history, archeology, classical music and the visual arts.

That makes her profile at the Prasar Bharati enviable, and also raises hopes of fulfillment of the objectives of the Prasar Bharati Bill, 1989, which the Parliament passed in 1990. The Bill’s objectives were: “Prasar Bharati will be a genuinely autonomous body – innovative, dynamic and flexible – with a huge degree of credibility.”

Mrinal’s goals sound one with the Bill’s charter of giving a voice to India: “Prasar Bharati will give healthy competition to private channels but won’t succumb to market pressures. Service ethic must never be overshadowed by the money ethic,” she says.

“We will work to live up to the Indian expectations and be the true national broadcasters of information and entertainment,” she says, priding in the institution’s assets — its cadre of editors, engineers and newscasters.

But AIR, it seems, would command more of Mrinal’s attention. “Radio has, on several occasions, offered seminal service to the nation. It was our own sole living contact with the world when we were growing up in the hills. Access to radio is a wonderful thing. It brings people together. The medium’s potential will be harnessed to the best service of people,” says the new Prasar Bharati chief, waking up to the onerous responsibilities of overseeing a massive public broadcasting network in times of cut-throat competition.

For the record – DD’s terrestrial signals reach 90 per cent of the Indians (119 million have TV sets) and AIR’s productions still have the power to lead you back to times you wished you had never lost. With Mrinal Pande at the helm of affairs, good, old times might be here again. साभार : ट्रिब्यून

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Comments on “प्रसार भारती को बीबीसी बनाना चाहती हूं : मृणाल

  • ashish gupta says:

    pal pal badalte rajnitik samikarano ke beach ye shayad hi esa kar pay per agar kar pati hai to bakai chamatkar hoga …….mraral ji ko subhkamnay

  • विकास says:

    कुछ बीबीसी आपने हिंदुस्तान को बना दिया..अब कुछ प्रसार भारती को बना दीजिए..मगर पहले बीबीसी बनाने की एबीसी तो सीख लीजिए

  • Manojeet Singh says:

    Its was relay nice feeling after reading this news. Atleast we want Doordharshan & Akashvaani must be role platform for Media Persons……My best wishes with you and Your Team. Lets see, what gonna happen tommorow no body knows, but every cloud has a silver line….So Best of Luck Mrinal Ji.

    Manojeet Singh

  • chandrashekhar says:

    maim aap to theek karna chahti hai . i agree with u but i think u know well that sda hua system . aur ye system hame shayed hi hame tezi se aage badhne de.

  • media ka madhav says:

    birle kahanikar hee achchhe patrakar ho sakte hain???janmapatri patrakarita kee nai vidha introduce kee hai unhone!ab dd aur radio par bhee jjyotishi,babaon ka kee soorat dikhegi.

  • sapan yagyawalkya says:

    prasar bharti ko vyapakta dena chunautipoon hai.desh ke jyadatar logon ko yah pata hi nahi ki yah kya hai.yadi pahchan de paye to bahut badi bat hogi. Sapan Yagyawalkya/Bareli/mp

  • Hindustan ko jagran banane ke nam par Mrinal ne churan ka parcha bana diya jo UP me bina gift ke bik nahi raha.AB Prasar Bharti ko BBC banane ke nam par purane patrakaro ko nikalkar Prasar Bharti me Hindustan se ab nikale ja rahe PAHADIO ki bharti ka kuchakra rach rahi hai Mrinal Pandey.

  • rajeshbharti/dehradun says:

    minalji ko unke naye vichar aur naye mission ke liye badhai-subhkamnai, kahane wale jo kahen, mrinalji ka kad aur unka yogdan hindi jarnnlism ke liye preranadayak hai, unhone hindustan me jo kiya woh sabhi media house me ho raha hai, wanha ke sampadak bhi malikan ke ishare par juniars ka gala katane ki tyar bathe hain, apno ko aage badana kis samaj me apradh hai, mirnalji prasar bharti ko bbc banana himalaya jaisa vichar hai, ap ye kar sakati hain, kyunki ap himalaya se hain, yanha ke log himalaya jaise hain, ekdam atal, hita ja didi…..

  • PAHADIO ki bharti ke alawa Mrinal kuch nahi kar payengi kyoki upar se lad kar sampadak ban jana ek bat hai.patrakarita ana doosri bat hai. Patrakarita se sattadhari dalon ki bahut achchi chamchagiri ho sakti hai par news paper achche content se chalte hain,gerua rang se rangkar nahi chalte.Mrinal me itni kabliyat hoti to unke karyakal me bar bar RELAUNCH nahi hota HINDUSTAN.

  • sandip thakur says:

    mrinal pandey dd news mei jab gayi thi thab bhi aisa hi kuch statement diya tha ki dd news ka chehra badal dugai.dd news band ho gaya,woh bhi zabardast ghata dekar.ndtv se bhi hata di gayi thi.ab prasar bharti mei gaye hai,bbc banana chathi hai yani BEKAR….BAKBAS…CHANEL….woh bana sakti hai…yeh kabiliat to hai unme….

  • rajeev gupta says:

    mrinal ji agar aap aisa soachti hain tou bahut achi baat hai,lekin doordarshan ko bbc banana kitna mushkil hai ye aap bhi samajhti hai. fir bhi meri shubhkamnai aapke sath hai

  • रचित पंकज says:

    मृणाल जी, आप के इरादे में अब सब को बू क्यों आने लगी है कभी फ़ुर्सत से सोचिएगा। पहले तो आप की समझ पर थोडा बहुत यकीन था पर जब से आप ने हिंदुस्तान पहाडीवाद की छौंक बघारी है और प्रमोद जोशी, नवीन जोशी जैसे मीडियाकरों को अपना चंपू बना कर हर कमान पहाडीयों को ही सौंपी है, तब से आप को सोच कर ही आप से घिन आती है। आप भी किसी ठाकरे से कम कहां है? बल्कि चार कदम आगे हैं। वह तो सिर्फ़ मुंबई में भूंकते है- मराठी मनुश क पहाडा पर आप ने देश भर में पहाडी- पहाडी की भूंक बघार कर अपनी मां पर और अपने विद्वता दोनों पर दाग लगा दिया। और जब एक बनिए की दुकान में आप ने इतनी मनमानी की तो यहां तो सरकारी माध्यम है। पहले ही से भांग पडी है। खुदा खैर करे ! और रही बात बी. बी. सी. की तो वह कौन साफ़ सुथरा है? पक्छ्पात करने में वह आप से भी कोसों आगे है। मतलब करेला और नीम चढा। तैयार हो जओ मृणाल के भडुओं प्रमोद जोशी, नवीन जोशी एंड कंपनी के कुत्तों! तुम्हारी मालकिन ने तुम लोगों के लिए फिर हड्डी खोज ली है। जाओ और डट कर चूसो!

  • radheshyam Tewari says:

    sorry Mrinal ji
    I read ur text.Being a farmer”s son I tasted the fruits of DD and Print media earlier then U did.My book is ready for publicationtitled Sex,Lies violence and TV. ur Lterary hang over won’t work here because i is a technology of evils not a media od expressionof art and positive values of the society.U can not name any of the city of the world where the Tv had brought any positive change inthe society. BBut in all the democratic countrie of the Europian and American continent social and political values were ruined. Tv technology is bloody most dangerous and wicked technology.Interestingly such desastrous technologyhas been patronised by the Government it self. Foolishand illitrate politicans have been falling prey to this stupid technology.Nothing can be sold except lies,sex and violence through this technology. and poor country like India is financing the evil. Al my essays on the suject have been already published in DINman,Saptihik Hinustan Navbharat Times and many news papers in India.
    A column Hooywood Hangama was taken off the Dainik Hindustan soon after u became the editor. Since then I did not contribute any thing to Dainik Hindustan, though I aM a freelace Journalist and contribute to Hindi and English newspapers.

  • Debashish Bose, Journalist says:

    mrinalji prasar bharti ko BBC banane kajajba ke liye subhkamanayen. Is aandolan men main aapke sath rahna chahta hun.
    Debashish Bose
    Madhepura (BIHAR)

  • ruby sarkar says:

    yashvantji, aap kyun mrinaljiko itna under estimate karte hain. oah bahut pratibhashali hayn aur in bato ko chunawtipurna dang se leti hain. blogs ke madhyam se sakaratmak kam kariye. hame hi nahi bahoto ko aachha lagega. good wisses.


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