‘जस्टिस फॉर निरुपमा’ अभियान शुरू

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निरुपमा पाठकनीरू की मौत (9) : पहले चरण में महिला आयोग का दरवाजा खटखटाने पहुंचे आईआईएमसियन : निरुपमा के हत्यारों को जेल के पीछे पहुंचाने के लिए जस्टिस फॉर निरुपमा नामक कंपेन आईआईएमसी के पूर्व व वर्तमान छात्रों ने शुरू कर दिया है. आज ये लोग महिला आयोग की अध्यक्षा गिरिजा व्यास से मिलने पहुंचे हैं. इन छात्रों ने ‘जस्टिस फॉर निरुपमा’ अभियान के लिए हिमांशु शेखर और रणवीर को कोआर्डिनेशन का काम सौंपा है.  गिरिजा व्यास से मिलने जाने से पहले हिमांशु और रणवीर ने ढेर सारे प्रबुद्ध लोगों को मेल भेजकर अपने अभियान की जानकारी दी और गिरिजा व्यास से आज मिलने जाने के कार्यक्रम का खुलासा किया. संपूर्ण मेल इस प्रकार है…

Justice for Nirupma

Join us at NCW office Monday at 10 AM : As we are aware that one of our promising IIMCian Nirupma Pathak had been found dead in her house at native town Tilaiya of Koderma District in Jharkhand. We were suspecting from day one that It is a case of Honour Killing as She was planning to marry another IIMCian but from different caste.

Earlier it was said that She had committed suicide but now her post-mortem report is out and It establishes that she didn’t commit suicide but she was brutally murdered.

Post-mortem Report of Medical Board says that cause of death is asphyxia as a result of Smothering. Report says, the ligature mark found on her neck was post-mortem (after death), not ante-mortem (before death). It means She was already dead when she was hanged which resulted in ligature mark on her neck. It was an attempt by murderers to show that She had committed suicide by hanging herslef. But, truth can’t be suffocated or strangulated.

Asphyxia due to smothering suggests someone or some peoples suffocated Nirupma by blocking the airways, nose and mouth at the same time. After death she has been hanged just to show that she had committed suicide by hanging herself. Ligature mark found on her neck was post-mortem (after death). It is a clear cut case of murder.

Peoples from IIMC and journalism fraternity are going to submit a memorandum to Mrs. Girija Vyas, Chairperson, National Commission for Women on Monday morning at 10.30 AM. We have to assemble at NCW office at 10 AM which is at ITO and opposite to Gandhi Peace Foundation. We will submit the memorandum which seeks stringent action against murderers and justice to Nirupma.

Co-ordinating persons are:-

Himanshu Shekhar- 98913-23387

Ranveer- 99904-76926

अपने मोबाइल पर भड़ास की खबरें पाएं. इसके लिए Telegram एप्प इंस्टाल कर यहां क्लिक करें : https://t.me/BhadasMedia

Comments on “‘जस्टिस फॉर निरुपमा’ अभियान शुरू

  • Raj Agarwal says:

    I cannot come physically to New Delhi for the same but extend my full morale support for the said noble cause.

  • Abhishek kumar says:

    The post mortem report indicates the girl was smothered with a pillow. The girl was also found to be 8 to 12 weeks pregnant,” said G Kranti Kumar, SP, Koderma.

    iske mutabik to PRIYABHAnSHU ko bhi saja honi chahiye kyonki bhartiya vivah kanun ke antargat shadi se pahle pregnant karna kanuni jurm hai…

    Z Ness, star news india tv sabhi news channel is baat ko daba rahen hain…. aadhi news kyon dikha rahen hain ???? nirupma ke maa baap bhai to doshi hain hi lekin………????

  • निरूपमा को इंसाफ जरूर मिलना चाहिए। उसके गुनाहगारों को ऐसी सजा मिलनी चाहिए ताकि आगे से कोई भी इंसान इस तरह की हरकत करने से पहले हजार बार सोचे। इस लडाई क‍ो जारी रखना है। नीरू की मौत पर बेहद अफसोस है।

  • santosh valmeeki says:

    IIMC ke sathiyon ke saath is dikh ki ghadi me main khud ko bhi jodtaa hoon.Main LUCKNOW se DELHI AA NAHI SAKTAA MAGER AAP LOGON KI MUHIM ME MAI AAPJE SAATH HOON.
    IIMC HINDI 1989-90


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