अरुण पुरी ने अपने संपादकों-रिपोर्टरों के हाथ-पांव बांधे!

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राडिया टेपों के जरिए कई पत्रकारों के दागदार हो चुके दामन के बाद कई मीडिया हाउसों में प्रबंधन ने अपने पत्रकारों के लिए तरह-तरह की गाइडलाइंस जारी की हैं. अभी सूचना मिली है कि क्रिसमस के मौके पर अरुण पुरी ने अपने संपादकों और रिपोर्टरों को एक मेल कर क्या करें, क्या न करें टाइप की कई चीजें बताई हैं. अरुण पुरी के इस मेल पर कई तरह के विवाद उठ खड़े हो सकते हैं क्योंकि अगर इन गाइडलाइंस के आधार पर कोई रिपोर्टर काम करे तो वह पुष्ट न हो पा रही किसी सच्ची बड़ी खबर को नहीं दिखा सकता. आप भी अरुण पुरी द्वारा जारी पत्र को पढ़िए.

To:  All

From: Aroon Purie

In the age of Radiagate, where allegations are flying thick and fast, I would like to caution all of you in the interests of objectivity and protecting our credibility that we should make a full effort to get a response from the person against whom the allegations have been made.  I notice in today’s fevered atmosphere it is often being forgotten.

Remember, repeating someone’s defamatory statement by publishing/broadcasting it makes you just as liable as the person who has said it. Also, the fact that a person does not respond to your queries does not mean the person is guilty.  They are under no obligation to respond.  You can only go ahead and publish/broadcast if you have separate evidence to support your charges. If you cannot validate the allegations independently then it is better not to carry it or do it in a manner without naming the person. Truth, which will stand up to judicial scrutiny, is the best defence to libel.

And please note just by putting ‘alleged’ in front of defamatory statements does not absolve you from liability.  I often hear the defence,  “But everybody knows!”   We may know many things but if you can’t prove it, you can’t publish/broadcast it.  Meeting deadlines is also no excuse for unethical journalism.

As you know the India Today Group carries no agenda against any personality or organisations.  As we break more stories, I expect you to adhere to the highest standards of journalism to which we are all committed to.  In the end credibility will win.


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Comments on “अरुण पुरी ने अपने संपादकों-रिपोर्टरों के हाथ-पांव बांधे!

  • madan kumar tiwary says:

    Arun Puri , I some times feel how you people hold such Reputed post without having basic knowledge of law. Go through Section 499 of IPC , definition section of Defamation. Read exception 1, 3 and 9 . more over, you have adviced not to publish material which ” every body knows ” unless you have evidence. Dear , now heresay statement of a witness is admissible as evidence. mean if a muder has taken place somewhere and it is said by a witness that he heard from others that Mr A killed the victim, his evidence is admissible. Moreover if your intention is not malafide and matter is in larger interset of public, you can publish it. even one most important point that need to be proved is ” The accused knew or has reason to believe that the matter was defamatory in character” . Dear Puri better resign and let me lead your India today group. I will publish everything if i have reason to believe what ever i am going to publish is a fact , whether there is evidence or not. you are not investigating agency. confined to your work. go through press and registration of books Act. Can i hope , you will resign.?

  • The real crime of the media has been the manner in which our private television channels have allowed themselves to be used by the agencies of government to damn [b]Niira Radia[/b] before she has been given a chance to defend herself. Ironically, she has been damned for lobbying without anyone noticing that as a lobbyist, it is as much her job to lobby as mine is to write columns.

  • anamisharanbabal says:

    vvgood news 4 mja sahab ko kaman thame ab mahina b nahi hua ki ap puri sahab ne apna rang badal lia kua hoga tera india =2day
    daptain ka kya hoga maliko ka to hamesha bura hi hota aaya h & bura to hona hi h bt mja ke cap me jane walo ka kamse kam mja se kam hi bura hal hoga


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