शलभ दुर्व्यवहार प्रकरण : बीईए जांच टीम ने लखनऊ के दो पुलिस अफसरों को दोषी पाया

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New Delhi : 24.07.2011 :  Press Note : Broadcast Editors’ Association (BEA), apex body of Editors of National & Regional TV News channels of India, Fact-finding Team concludes that the two police officers manhandled IBN-7 reporters : UP Govt must ensure that officers do not exceed their brief to placate political masters :

The four-member Fact-finding Team of the Broadcast Editors’ Association (BEA) has, after conducting an enquiry into June 26, 2011 incident of manhandling of two IBN-7 reporters by the two officers of Lucknow Police, found that:

Mr. BP Ashok did not act in consonance with the role legally prescribed for him. Mr. Anoop Kumar (CO) was collusive and active partner in the wanton conduct. While a case under relevant sections of IPC has been registered against them and law will take its own course, the Government should ensure that in future they do not exert undue pressure to influence the investigation being carried out by the department they belonged to.

While criminal liability is subject to judicial process, the quasi-criminal, ethical and moral liabilities extend to the political executive. It will be in the interest of the Government that it also ensures that justice is done to the accuser. The BEA also feels that the conduct of Secretary to Chief Minister, Mr. Navneet Sehgal, who acted swiftly getting the two erring police officers suspended and getting a case registered against them, met the requirement of established administrative norms. It is also noteworthy that the suspension orders served on the two officers clearly mentioned that “there was no reason for the officers to manhandle the journalists” and that “this conduct had lowered the prestige of the police department”.

Case in Brief : The Broadcast Editors’ Association (BEA) received an information from Mr. Ashutosh, Managing Editor of IBN-7 that channel’s Lucknow Chief of Bureau (COB), Mr. Shalabh Mani Tripathi and his Junior colleague, Mr. Manoj Rajan Tripathi were beaten up and detained by the Lucknow SP City, Mr. BP Ashok , and Circle officer, Hazratganj Mr. Anoop Kumar at around 10.35 p.m on June 26, 2011. Mr. Ashutosh also informed the BEA that the channel had been airing stories regarding murder of Dr. Sachan in jail confines. These stories showed lapse on the part of the government and probable links of  the “high and mighty” in this high-profile murder. Mr. Ashutosh was of the view that the stories against the government could be the immediate cause of hostility reflected through the wanton action of the two police officers.

(Two days before this incident Mr Ashutosh had also complained to the BEA that the channel had been taken off air as it was airing stories on Dr. Sachan episode. We decided to take up the issue next morning but by evening it was learnt that channel was back on the air).

The Fact-finding team feels that the officer Mr. B P Ashok being responsible for Lucknow East had assumed a self-perceived role of serving the powers-that-be even out of parameters provided under the law of the land.

The four member Fact-finding Team comprised Broadcast Editor’s Association (BEA) General Secretary Mr. NK Singh beside Lucknow based senior journalist Mr Sharat Pradhan, NDTV Resident Editor Mr. Kamal Khan and STAR NEWS Bureau Chief Mr. Pankaj Jha.

NK Singh       
General Secretary      
Shazi Zaman

बीईए की पूरी रिपोर्ट भड़ास4मीडिया पर उपलब्ध है. इस संपूर्ण रिपोर्ट में जांच टीम द्वारा दोनों पक्षों व मौके पर मौजूद लोगों, बड़े अफसरों आदि करीब दर्जन भर लोगों से लिए गए बयान को जस का तस दिया गया है. साथ ही जांच टीम के विचार, टिप्पणी, नतीजा, मूल्यांकन भी दर्ज है. पूरी रिपोर्ट पढ़ने के लिए क्लिक करें– Report of the Fact-finding team of the BEA

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