सीबीआई को उपेंद्र राय के खिलाफ नहीं मिला कोई साक्ष्य!

सहारा समूह में फिलहाल बनवास झेल रहे उपेंद्र राय के लिए खुशखबरी है. सीबीआई को अभी तक जो प्रमाण-साक्ष्य मिले हैं, उससे उपेंद्र राय पर कोई मामला नहीं बनता है. 2जी मामले और ईडी के अफसरों को धमकाने-रिश्वत देने की कोशिश करने के प्रकरण में सीबीआई ने पिछले दिनों अपना जवाब सुप्रीमकोर्ट में सीलबंद लिफाफे में पेश किया. इसमें कहा गया है कि केंद्रीय जांच ब्यूरो (सीबीआई) ने संबंधित सभी से पूछताछ की.

सीबीआई ने सबके बयान दर्ज किए और अपनी तरफ से प्रमाण जुटाने की कोशिश की लेकिन उपेंद्र राय पर कोई आरोप अभी तक साबित नहीं हो सका है. वरिष्ठ वकील केके वेणुगोपाल ने सीबीआई की तरफ से कहा है कि हम लोग अब भी कुछ रिपोर्टों का इंतजार कर रहे हैं. लेकिन अभी तक जो साक्ष्य मिले हैं, वे आरोप साबित करने के लिए पर्याप्त नहीं हैं.

इस बीच, एक नए घटनाक्रम में पता चला है कि उपेंद्र राय के साथ सहारा के जिस पत्रकार सुबोध जैन का नाम प्रवर्तन निदेशालय (ईडी) के अफसर राजकेश्वर सिंह को धमकाने में आया, उस सुबोध जैन ने सुप्रीम कोर्ट की बेंच को एक अप्लीकेशन देकर सीबीआई की तरफ से गवाह बनने की इच्छा जाहिर की है. सुबोध जैन ने यह कदम तब उठाया जब सहारा समय चैनल से उन्हें इस घटनाक्रम के बाद निकाल दिया गया. खंडपीठ ने जैन से कहा कि वे अपनी अपील के संदर्भ में सीबीआई को एप्रोच करें. इस पूरे प्रकरण के बारे में समाचार एजेंसी पीटीआई ने जो खबर जाहिर की है वह इस प्रकार है-

Radia, others examined against Sahara allegation

Corporate lobbyist Niira Radia and some top officials of TV channels have been examined by the CBI in its investigations into the allegation against Sahara Group chief Subrata Roy and two scribes that they had interfered with the probe in the 2G spectrum case, the Supreme Court was told today.

However, the CBI said that it was yet to lay hands on the telephonic conversations between those TV journalists and investigators from Enforcement Directorate who were allegedly approached in connection with the probe of 2G case.

The statement was made by senior advocate KK Venugopal, who read out the findings of investigation by the CBI which filed its report in a sealed cover.

A Bench of justices GS Singhvi and A K Ganguly was also informed that CBI was probing the allegations from all angles and was looking for independent witnesses and documents.

“Niira Radia has been examined,” Venugopal said adding that they were examined more than once as there were some contradictions in their statement.

The court on May 6 had said there was a prima facie case against Roy and two journalists– Upendra Rai and Subodh Jain — of Sahara India News Network for interfering with the 2G probe and had issued notices for contempt.

The notices were issued on the petition filed by ED’s Assistant Director Rajeshwar Singh, who is the investigating officer in the 2G spectrum case.

Venugopal said CBI has also examined Singh, his elder brother Rameshwar Singh, an Indian Revenue Service officer of 1988 batch. Sharat Chaudhary, Assistant Director in the ED, has also been questioned twice by the agency, he said.

Upendra Rai and Subodh Jain have also been examined by the CBI, Venugopal said adding that Sudhir Chaudhary, CEO of TV channel Live India has also recorded his statement.

“Upender Rai denied having offered bribe to anyone, either to Sharat Chaudhary or Rajeshwar Singh,” the senior advocate said.

“We are still awaiting some reports. Evidence found till now is insufficient,” Venugopal said on behalf of the CBI, which was granted a month’s time to complete the probe on the issue.

The bench took on record the counter affidavit filed by Roy and two journalists and asked the ED to respond within two days so that rejoinders could be filed and listed the matter for August 4.

Jain brought to the notice of the bench that after the incident he has been sacked by the channel and wished to become witness for the CBI.

The bench said he could approach the CBI in this regard.

The bench had on May 6 suo motu issued contempt notices and taken serious note of the fact that after summons were issued to the CMD of Sahara group under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, from February 2 onwards, “crude methods” were adopted to terrorise, intimidate and blackmail ED’s Assistant Director Rajeshwar Singh, who is the investigating officer in the 2G spectrum case.

The bench had also banned Sahara India News Network and its sister concerns from publishing and broadcasting any story or programme relating to Singh.

The court was anguished that after summons were issued asking Roy to appear before the ED with documents relating to some transactions regarding Chennai-based S-Tel which has come under the CBI scanner, Rai and Jain became active and tried to interfere with the investigation.

Singh, who filed the petition in his personal capacity, claimed that Jain sent him 25 questions relating to him and his families assets, contacts and others and threatened to start a campaign against him by publishing and broadcasting a series of stories. pti

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  • कमल शर्मा says:

    उपेन्‍द्र राय और उनके मित्रों के लिए अच्‍छी खबर है।

  • waise ye tho bohat acha huwa lekin ab unka kya hoga jo swatantra mishra ke aate hee unke paas jaa kar mil aaye wo log jo kabhi vijay rai ke paas jate thye wo swatantra mishra ke paas jaane lage……..chahe mahila ho ya purush….kuch mahila aur purush tho har roz mil kar aa rahe…………jis din upendra rai wapus aaye tho uus din kya hoga………waise upendra rai ko aaj ke waqt main sub pata hain ki unke apne laye logo ne kaise unke saath game kiya hain jin per wo bohat bharosa karte hain…………lekin us insaan ki ye mahanta hain ki wo sub jaan kar bhi chuup hain ………………………….?????????????????

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    PTI Reporter ne mere naam se jo likha hai ki maine CBI ka gavah banne ki ichcha jahir ki hai. vo sarasar bebuniyaad hai.
    Lagta hai PTI ne aise nakara logo ko bhi kaam de diya hai jo Reporting karne ke bajaye Supreme Court me Jhapkiyaan lete rahte hain.
    Aise logo se sahi reporting ki ummed karna bemani hai


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