The Yoga Chakra Brings the First Aerial Yoga Studio to Greater Kailash2, Delhi

NEW DELHI, GK2 – Kavita Das and Manisha of The Yoga Chakra announces aerial yoga instructon for what is known as “VaihAyasa (vi-hAyas) aerial yoga.” VaihAyasa is Sanskrit for “being or moving in the air, suspended in the air…sky-dwellers.”                

The Yoga Chakra is a unique studio that embodies the idea of mindfulness in motion, which encompasses the practice of yoga (aerial and hatha) and other types of creative expression including dance, painting, speaking, music, etc. The Yoga Chakra Coaches and Owners, Kavita Das and Manisha, has helped improve the health of a diverse group of people from all fitness levels including office workers, athletes, and retirees. She attributes these results to the creative process, which became the impetus for the expansion of their practice.

As in yoga, Kavita believes life offers the opportunity for people to transition, transform, and take risks.  Kavita found the courage to open The Yoga Chakra because she wanted to create a space where people can come to feel liberated so they can create their own artistic body expression. “Creation is born in all of us; all we need to do is have the audacity to realize our dreams,” said Kavita. “Using the hammock, or a yoga mat, the walls, the floor and the open area of this room, I hold the space for you to blossom.” Where as  Manisha’s instruction will guide you to a deeper mind-body connection; help you be more resilient to injury, as well as experience greater enjoyment and understanding in all other yoga, meditation, and fitness classes.  It goes beyond any singular way of practicing yoga as Manisha draws from all walks of life to help students find their own unique experiences.

She sees her yoga practice as akin to preparing slow food; requiring patience, focused attention, and compassion in order to bring the highest energetic benefits to the body.  Kavita has been a yoga practitioner for more than a decade and a registered yoga instructor for four years. In 2010, she transitioned from a career to follow her dream of teaching yoga to others.

Manisha brings in a blend of functional and creative edge to her classes, being a fashion graduate and a certified yoga trainer. Her overall goal in teaching is to be a “light-bringer”- providing people with the tools, environment, and subtle guidance they need to make their own connections. Her energy seeps into the students taking the classes to a higher momentum and an overall fun environment

The Yoga Chakra

Five Benefits of Going to Aerial Yoga Classes

There are a number of aerial yoga benefits that you can learn in attending aerial yoga class. Here are some of those:

1. Total Body Workout. Due to the nature of aerial yoga movements, almost all the body parts are forced to move and stretch. Through this, toning and redefining of the muscles, regenerating and strengthening of the joints are happening during the workout. This workout is even used for physical rehabilitation. Decompression of the spine is one of its main features.

2. Inner body reactivation. The sweat that you produce during aerial yoga has a lot of benefits in the internal body’s regulatory functioning. The circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems are reactivated through blood circulation. Through this, you also boost your mental abilities, regenerating and relaxing your mind, and nourishing your skin. It also strengthens the neural connections related to memory and intelligence.

3. Psychologically beneficial. Just like almost any other workout, aerial yoga helps rebuild your emotional system because it relieves you from stress. It also helps you combat stress whenever you’re in the outside world.

4. Develop new body skills. Because of the new and improved movements involved in the workout, you learn to develop body skills that you may not be able to do in regular yoga.

5. Spiritually uplifting. The spiritual benefits of aerial yoga are undeniable. It increases your creativity which leads you to develop your own artistic skills. You also get to experience more joy and optimism.


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