B.V. Mallikarjunaiah is the IFWJ President


All Working Committee members, National Council members, Presidents and General Secretaries of State Units and other esteemed members of the IFWJ,

Dear Comrade,

The Working Committee of the IFWJ in its exercise of powers under Section 53 of the IFWJ Constitution has elected Shri B.V. Mallikarjunaiah as the interim President of Indian Federation of Working Journalists (IFWJ). His election has been necessitated because of the removal of the Mr. K. Vikram Rao.

Mr. K. Vikram Rao was served a show cause notice by the Secretary (North) Shri Hemant Tiwari on 22.12.2015 to offer his explanation, if any? However, he has failed to tender any explanation. Therefore, it is presumed that he has no explanation to offer and the Working Committee has, after exhausting the principles of natural justice, no choice left but to remove him from the post of the President and elect Mr. Mallikarjunaiah as the Interim President.

Shri Mallikarjunaiah is a name to reckon with in Kannada journalism. He has been the President of KUWJ for many times and organised many successful meetings of the IFWJ in Karnataka. Until now he has been holding the post of the senior Vice-President of the IFWJ. A widely-travelled, well-read, well-behaved and an accomplished organiser and a trade unionist with an impeccable integrity, Shri Mallikarjunaiah’s elevation will, without doubt, energise the organisation.

Mr. Mallikarjunaiah has allowed the undersigned to work as the Secretary General till the next Delegates Session, which will be held immediately after the IFWJ election.

It may be noted here that Shri Vikram Rao has been found indulging in innumerable fraudulent activities like manipulating his election as the President for the last three decades, without holding any election on the ground at all.

Mr. Vikram Rao has been responsible for causing immeasurable insult and humiliation to this great organisation at various national and international fora. You all known that ‘International Organisation of Journalists’ (IOJ) has expelled IFWJ because of bungling, cheating and fraud and forgery of Mr. Vikram Rao. Mr. Vikram Rao used the Printing Machine donated by the IOJ for helping the victimized journalists for his own enrichment and has thus earned mesne profit of not less than Rs. One hundred crore.

He has been responsible for pocketing the camp fees collected at various meetings and conferences and never deposited even a single penny in the IFWJ account. He cheated hundreds of journalists by collecting huge amounts in the name of foreign visits.

The enlarged Working Committee meeting will be held soon at Agra to chalk out the election schedule of the IFWJ. Till then Shri B.V. Mallikarjunaiah will continue as the President of the IFWJ.

The IFWJ Working Committee has also decided to initiate the action against Mr. Vikram Rao for the recovery of the mesne profits made by and large scale misappropriations by him for the last more than three decades.

Thanking you,

Yours comradely,

Parmanand Pandey

Secretary General- IFWJ

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