IFWJ to launch agitation against the gag ordinance of Rajasthan government

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New Delhi : Indian Federation of Working Journalists (IFWJ) has asked the government of Rajasthan to immediately withdraw the draconian Criminal Laws (Rajasthan Amendment) Ordinance, 2017, which is an unbearable onslaught on the freedom of speech and expression. This ordinance has reportedly already got the gubernatorial assent to be promogulated throughout the state and soon to be passed into law. The ordinance will not only seriously curb and control the freedom of media but will also help the corrupt and irresponsible officers and judges in screening and shielding their corrupt activities.

The ordinance is contrary to the spirit of the constitution and therefore violative of the fundamental rights of the citizens of the country.

In a statement the IFWJ Secretary General Parmanand Pandey and the Senior Vice- President Vashistha Kumar Sharma have expressed shock over this thoughtless ordinance introduced by Government of Rajasthan.

It is strange that when the country is clamouring for transparency in the functioning of the government officials, the government of Rajasthan has introduced this obnoxious ordinance in favour of opaqueness. Under the new law, the media cannot even report on the accusations against officials and judges until the prosecution gets a go-ahead from the sanctioning authority, which can take up to six months.

भाजपा यानि भ्रष्टों को बचाने और मीडिया पर बैन लगाने वाली पार्टी… सुनिए भड़ास संपादक यशवंत सिंह का ये आंख खोलने वाला वक्तव्य… पूरा सुनिए… पूरा देखिए… क्लिक करिए… 

This step of the government of Rajasthan speaks of its medieval and antediluvian mentality which will ultimately help the peddlers and practitioners of corruption in the governance. The ordinance is in the stark contrast to the Right to Information Act, which has been achieved after a long struggle of the people.

The IFWJ has warned the Government that if this gag order against the media is not withdrawn forthwith, it will launch an agitation against this unconstitutional, arbitrary and authoritarian ordinance.

Rinku Yadav
Treasurer, IFWJ

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