India Tv Blunder : Rajat Sharma put very light questions to Baba Ramdev

New Delhi : The discussion between Baba Ramdev & Rajya Sabha MP K C Tyagi on 1st of May was remarkable. That was the top discussion issue in the media of the day in spite of the fact that the Parliament is in session. All the channels covered the issue on its Erie & given full chance to both opposing personalities to explain their views. Aajtak, Zee News, IBN7, ABP & other leading channels covered this event of debating that issue with the them on equal basis & giving equal weight age to both. 

But the role of Rajat Sharma & India TV was highly critical. Rajat sharma in his programme at 9 pm invited only Baba Ramdev in his programme Aaj Ki Baat to highlight his points. Rajat Sharma put very light questions to Baba Ramdev. During Lok  Sabha poll similarly Narendra Modi was called in Rajat Sharma’s SAP Ki Adaalat programs & put very light questions. Q W Naqvi, the then News Director, resigned following that Modi’s interview as being reported by some media reports. 

Since Baba Ramdev, Rajat Sharma & Narendra Modi are in the same league so Rajat Sharma projected only Baba Ramdev. Rajat Sharma has not not such talent t conduct debate between any two opposing amps in any circumstance. So after the question/answer session with Ramdev, Rajat Sharma should give chance to K C Tyagi too.

  After anointment of Modi, Rajat Sharma is getting largesse on a big level. He is being awarded Padma Bhushan. Rajat Sharma was also being included in national committee to commemorate 125th birth anniversary of first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

So this kind of conduct is not any surprise from Rajat Sharma Saheb.

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  • Rajat sharma sharm kar..
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    upar jakar bhi jabaab dena hai…
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