बेशर्म आजतक और अरुण पुरी के ध्यानार्थ एक पत्र : आखिर कब तुम लोगों की घटिया सोच सुधरेगी….

regarding media ethics in reporting the cases of prostitution

Dear Sir

Most humbly and respectfully i wish to bring to your notice regarding the reporting of news by certain media channels on prostitution. Few days ago a Bollywood actress was allegedly arrested by police for the offence of prostitution.

The whole media went into frenzy and reported this news non stop by disclosing the name and photo of the actress  without reporting the circumstances which led her to commit such heinous crime and in this way they actually ruined her prospects in acting. In contrast to this they didn’t report the name and photos of the persons who have been the clients of the actor.

In the patriarchal society why it is that only woman are scandalized and blamed for any such affairs, I think that Men should be considered more culpable who force such gullible women into such kinds of acts.

Even today aajtak has posted the names and photos of many women who have been caught by the police in the past for such acts, see the link..


I think that the media should show some responsibility and follow ethics in reporting such kinds of incidents

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

Piyush Kumar Pandey


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