Swaraj India files application with Election Commission of India for registration as political party

‎Swaraj India, on Monday, filed application with the Election Commission of India for registration as political party. The Party was announced at its Founding Convention in Delhi, held on 2nd October, 2016. As per the requirements of Election Commission for registering a political party, an application for registration of the Party along with all the required documents is to be submitted to the Secretary of Election Commission of India within 30 days following the date of formation of the party.


Swaraj India submitted the application and required documents for registration of the Party within 7 days. National President Yogendra Yadav tweeted to inform about the development, “Today Swaraj India filed application with ECI for registration as political party.  Paperwork done, real work begins.”

Regarding participation in the elections *Yogendra Yadav clearly stated, “While the Party is yet to take a final view about our participation in the various elections that are to come, our approach is clear: we intervene only where we have a minimum critical mass of volunteers and supporters and we can offer a credible alternative agenda of governance. We are not here to contest for the sake of contesting, nor to act as a spoiler.”*

Building on the legacy of the anti-corruption and Janlokpal movement and Swaraj Abhiyan’s work since formation, SWARAJ INDIA will be working on the goal of true Swaraj for the people of India through electoral intervention. With the mission of ushering probity, transparency and accountability in electoral politics, Swaraj India will establish “Politics of Honesty”.

Swaraj India stands for a vision of 21st century India, contained in a document named Swaraj Darshan. The party has decided to voluntarily come under the RTI act and will announce a Public Information Officer to that effect. The candidate selection process of the Party will be one step forward in use of transparent and innovative methods based on participatory mechanisms.

We believe that the Parliament and Assemblies should allow pure debate, discussion and dissent in the true spirit of democracy and freedom of speech. With this conviction Swaraj India has decided that apart from motions that can cause to the fall of a government, the legislators of the Party will not be subject to “whip”. 

Swaraj India has decided that the Party shall be governed by collective leadership through an organizational model of “Presidium” as the highest decision making body. The Presidium of Swaraj India consists of 17 members, namely:

1.   Yogendra Yadav (President)

2.   Ajit Jha  (General Secretary)

3.   Ahmed Faheem Khan  (Treasurer)

4.   Adil Mohammed

5.   Anupam 

6.   Avik Saha

7.   Christina Samy 

8.   Girish Nandgaonkar

9.   Lalit Babar

10. Prabha Shankar Sharda 

11. Rajeev Dhyani 

12. Rajeev Godara

13. Savita Shinde

14. Somnath Tripathi

15. Shalini Malviya

16. Subhash Lomte

17. V S Purushottam

First meeting of the newly elected Presidium is scheduled on 14th, 15th October at Palampur(HP), where future direction of the Party and plan of action will be decided. 

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