New Delhi : After the Public Service Broadcaster – DD Sahyadri ropes in the thespian and renowned actor of Marathi Cinema, Vikram Gokhale, to host its flagship show DOOSRI BAJOO;  the channel is gunning for linearity in its fiction and non-fiction programming with 9 fresh shows in its Prime Time Band.  The channel will boast a premium line-up of rich Marathi content shows from 2nd November, 2015, 8:00 pm onwards.  While addressing the launch of 10 New Shows, Mr. Mukesh Sharma, Additional Director General – DD said, “Sahyadri offers a more substantial viewing experience to an audience that is always seeking fresh and relevant content. 

I constantly believe that the millions of Marathi viewers always look forward to see quality content, engaging stories and connect instantly with the deeply rooted cultural ethos of Maharashtra. This is for the first time that we have launched new shows in this (Satellite 8:00 to 10:00 pm) Prime Time Band and we look forward that all the new shows will not only entertain the audience but as a responsible broadcaster, our programming content  must attempt to create awareness about pertinent social issues.”

This new journey starts with Pashanpati which is a touching & inspiring story of Vitha, a Devdasi, who struggles to save her daughter Bakula, from the custom of marrying off a Devdasi girl to an Idol of the God. The story while unfolding Vitha’s struggle & love of Bakula & Rishikant, ebbs with the overwhelming emotions of various characters around,  revealing  the touching story of  Champa & Tatu,  who, without meeting for several years,  keep on loving each other. In the clutter of mono colored serials Pashanpati brings alive the ethnic beauty of Maharashtra’s tradition & culture, which will captivate the audience. (Starts from 2nd November, 2015 – Mon, Tues & Wed at 08:00 pm).

Maati Kokanchi Naati Janmachi is a story of Kokan region of two generations..old generation that worked tirelessly on farms yet empty handed and the new generation surviving by farming or selling their farms for their betterment. The story unfolds various characters their desire, ambition, hatred, sorrow, love and cluster of many such emotions to be found in this serial. (Starts from 2nd November, 2015 – Mon, Tues & Wed at 08:30 pm).

This serial is based on the novel “Sushilecha Dev” written by Vaman Malhar Joshi. The story is set up in the pre-independence era. The Indian society was then under the British rule and the Indian women were stranded in the closed walls of kitchen. On this backdrop our protagonist Sushila starts a fight against injustice on women. Sushila, the name of the protagonist itself draws our attention to the core issue of the story. In the patriarchal society like ours the burden of carrying all the moral values has been entrusted on the shoulders of women. (Starts from 2nd November, 2015 – Mon, Tues & Wed at 09:00 pm).

Vachanbaddha revolves around Gauri who is very strong and naïve. Her father Raosaheb Sardeshmukh is a very soft hearted person who gets married to Ragini because he promised his 1st wife kusum at her deathbed that he would marry again in order to give Gauri mothers love. He feels pride for her daughter and sees kusum’s reflection in her as she grows up taking responsibilities of her mother’s business “MahilaGrihUdyog that her mother established with sheer hardwork for women who suffered domestic violence, homeless and widows. Ragini her step mother who discourages Gauri, her only motive is to acquire the entire business empire from Gauri for her children Tejaswini and Vikram in order to serve her commercial attributes. Gauri’s only goal is to protect her mother’s dream and live up to her “vachan”. The story is a complete ride of emotions that would unveil as the story unfolds. (Starts from 2nd November, 2015 – Mon, Tues & Wed at 10:00 pm).

Sangharsh Milanacha, sheds light on the delicate problems arising out of relationships in the society. Even the marital relationships have come under stress in this competitive world. On the other hand rituals, beliefs and superstitions continue to divide people and their relationships. At times reality is stranger than fiction. This serial attempts to take incidents from real life and weaves stories which have been dramatized with the intention of sending a message across the society. (Starts from 5th November, 2015 – Thursday & Friday at 08:00 pm).

‘Bantya Televison’ is a series of fun and drama happens in a co-operative Housing society, where nobody co-operates each other, at such place when our Protagonist Bantya and his gang came up with an idea to start their own News Channel; the fun begins. They start targeting gossips of society to become news…some people support them some won’t. So how they manage to start the channel? How they cover their news? Do they reveal society secrets? Their channel is entertaining yet has a essence of social issues.. These kids taught elders the value of togetherness in a unique way.. So be there to watch this fun series. (Starts from 5th November, 2015 – Thursday & Friday at 08:30 pm).

Goshta Umaltya Manachi is a story of “Prerna”, a highly educated lady, who inspite of having many lucrative job offers at her disposal, wants to devote her life to the noble profession of education/ teaching; of her efforts and novel experiments in teaching that she carries out in rural area like Vadagaon and of her students who give their best to make Prerna’s effort a success. (Starts from 5th November, 2015 – Thursday & Friday at 09:00 pm).

In an attempt to take a dig at the superstitions that people often follow in their day-to-day lives, DD Sahyadri is coming up with a new show “Anakalniya” which is touted to break the shackles of age-old superstitious beliefs and spread awareness against them amongst the masses. Set against the backdrop of Konkan-,Maharshtra “Anakalniya” will feature the story of Urmila who is back to her home town after many years. As it is a town in Konkan it has its share of all the possible superstitions, faith in the supernatural phenomenon, deities, rituals and traditions. On the outskirts of the town, close to the seashore is an ancient rock “Balicha Dagad”, the place of sacrifice which has its own share of rumors and anecdotes attached to it since centuries as human sacrifices were given there. These sacrifices were given to end the great famine in the region. Since then the spirits of those sacrificed at the “Balicha Dagad” are still haunting the surrounding place hence people avoid this place after the sunset. (Starts from 5th November, 2015 – Thursday &Friday at 10:00 pm).

Chitrakathi as the name suggests is a unique show to revisit and relive 13 different stories written by eminent Marathi writers. (Starts from 5th November, 2015 – Saturday at 09:00 pm).

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