एनडीटीवी को अलविदा कहने के बाद बरखा दत्त ‘द क्विंट’ से जुड़ीं, पढ़िए उनका बयान

एनडीटीवी की लंबी पारी के बाद बरखा दत्त अब द क्विंट से जुड़ गई हैं. मोदी की मार से मुश्किल में फंसे प्रणय राय को कई बड़े नामों को अपने यहां से रुखसत करना पड़ रहा है. बरखा इन्हीं में से एक हैं. द क्विंट नामक डिजिटल मीडिया कंपनी के मालिक राघव बहल ने बरखा को अपने मीडिया कंपनी से जोड़ लिया है. खासकर यह तो तय हो चुका है कि विधानसभा चुनावों में बरखा दत्त द क्विंट के लिए काम करेंगी. इस बारे में खुद बरखा दत्त ने फेसबुक पर जो लिखा है, वह इस प्रकार है :

Barkha Dutt : Delighted to announce a new partnership with Raghav Bahl Ritu Kapur & The Quint to do what I love most- being #OnTheRoad in the electoral heartland covering the elections in a brand new medium-the medium that matters the most today. I was among the first journalists to embrace social media; I fully intend being among the first journalists of my generation to embrace the digital medium. I invite all of you to follow my journey through U.P. Travel with me; send me your thoughts, ideas and comments. Let’s have a lot of fun together.

बरखा के द क्विंट से जुड़ाव को लेकर द क्विंट वेबसाइट में एक खबर का प्रकाशन भी किया गया है, जो इस प्रकार है….

The Quint and Barkha Dutt Get Together For UP Elections 2017

What happens when you put an award-winning news platform, a renowned journalist, and the power of digital media together? This election season, Barkha Dutt is partnering with The Quint to cover the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls to bring you the most ‘hatke’ stories from the ground.

On The Road with Barkha will map the UP elections in a crisp new way for the modern viewer. With mobile phone cameras replacing broadcast vans, On The Road with Barkha will go directly to the people to explore fresh stories and provide a platform to voices that are seldom heard. It will criss-cross the state to talk to voters and political players across villages, dhabas, colleges and farms to bring you extensive ground reports from the political cradle of the country.

“I am really excited to collaborate with The Quint on this, and push the boundaries of this new and exciting digital medium,” said Dutt.

Quintillion Media, a digital media company, was co-founded by Network 18 founder Raghav Bahl and his wife Ritu Kapur.

“The combination of Barkha Dutt and The Quint is a powerful one. It will bring a completely new brand of journalism and media experience to India’s increasingly sophisticated digital consumer. This combination of immersive journalistic story-telling, social media and the interactive user will redefine this space,” Ritu Kapur said.

Together with Barkha Dutt, The Quint hopes to combine speed and depth to take innovation in mobile journalism to new heights.

About Quintillion Media

Quintillion Media is India’s first truly diversified digital content company. Its flagship products are TheQuint.com in English and Hindi.thequint.com in Hindi. The Quint is media with intelligence – it is among India’s leading and the fastest-growing digital content platforms. The Quint is media for mobile consumption – quickly, visually and socially. A smooth blend of video, audio, graphics and text, The Quint offers a modern, sharp take on the world, and guides people through topics ranging from politics, policy, and entertainment to sports, business, food and everything else that matters. A compelling combo of content, tech, and distribution, it is high-value digital journalism, storytelling, and advertising at scale.

BloombergQuint, a partnership between Bloomberg Media and Quintillion Media, is India’s premier multi-platform business and financial media company. BloombergQuint harnesses the unrivalled global resources of Bloomberg with Quintillion’s deep market experience in its platform straddling broadcast, digital, and live events to serve high-quality business news, insights and trends to consumers.

Quintillion Media has also co-founded Quintype Inc, a state-of-the-art digital publishing and ad tech platform spread across Bengaluru and the Silicon Valley. It supports several Indian and international publishers, including BloombergQuint.com.

Quintillion Media has significant minority stakes in The News Minute (a leading digital platform for south Indian regional content), Youth Ki Awaaz (a popular digital platform for the youth) and Sheroes (a growing digital platform targeted at women). Quintillion Media also has a strategic stake of 50% in, and operational control over, Da Vinci Quint, an international edutainment TV channel targeted at kids and parents.

About Barkha Dutt

Journalist and author Barkha Dutt has won multiple accolades, including the Padma Shri. She is the only Indian journalist to be nominated for an Emmy for her ground reporting.

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