आठ राज्यों में हिंदुओं को अल्पसंख्यक घोषित करने के लिए पीआईएल दाखिल

PIL to declare Hindus as Minority in Eight States


Keeping in view the above stated facts and circumstances and great goals of the Preamble, it is the most respectfully prayed that this Hon’ble Court may be pleased to issue a writ order or direction or a writ in nature of mandamus to:

a)  declare the Notification on Minority Community [1993 –SO No.816(E) F.No.1/11/93-MC(D)] dated 23.10.1993; invalid and ultra-vires the Constitution and its basic structure;

b)  lay down appropriate guidelines for the identification of minorities,  to ensure that only those groups of persons which are numerically inferior to the other groups and are in non-dominant position, enjoy the rights and protections guaranteed to minorities; in the alternative,

c)  direct the Central Government to exercise its power conferred by Section 2(c) of the NCM Act,1992; to notify ‘minority’ in consonance with the United Nations General Assembly Resolution dated 18.12.1992 and Judgment of this Hon’ble Court dated 8.8.2005 (Annexure P-1 and P-2);

d)  direct the Government to exercise its power conferred by Section 2(c) of the NCM Act to declare Hindus as ‘minority’ for States, where they don’t form a majority of population;

e)  take such other steps as this Hon’ble Court may deem fit to define ‘minority’ and allow the cost to petitioner.

Drawn on: 25.10.2017

(R. D. Upadhyay)
Advocate for Petitioner

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