फोकस हरियाणा का संपादक रितेश लाखी करता है लड़कियों को परेशान, पढ़िए एक और पत्र

I am writing this email to let you know or add to what my colleague xyz brought forward regarding difficulty that is being faced in our day to day job specifically with female employe​es. I am in complete agreement with the email my colleague xyz sent earlier as I am familiar with the situation she was in because I also faced similar circumstances few months back.

I choose Journalism as a career so that I can do something good for my country and society, I have seen diverse circumstances in my experience of seven years in journalism and I am still learning every day however I have been through the most awful phase of my life both physical and mentally because of Mr. Ritesh Lakhi (the Editor in chief of focus Haryana) favoritism and ferocity, coming out of this phase was really difficult, it took me around a month to get out of this situation and my family was very worried about my health that cannot be described in words.
I am happy about the support I got from my family, some of my colleagues, my well-wishers and my doctor which has prepared me to fight my battle. I have spent 5 years in this organization and I’ve always progressed in my job because of my hard work and support. My work has always been appreciated by my colleagues and organization however when someone decides to let the other person down, the work and honesty doesn’t hold any significance it seems. This is the very reason because of which I’ve been harassed in spite of medical problem.
Despite my medical problem, I was told to do physically taxing work, I was told to run down to PCR. I would also like to point out that people who please their boss (I meant mostly using wrong means) have much more chances to move forward in their job even though they don’t work much. There are people under Mr. Ritesh Lakhi who knows nothing about their work but they get progressed in their job just because of partiality. I’ve been mentally tortured multiple times, one example would be, While elections was going on, I was been given the job in production rather than scripting. I’ve enough proofs which indicates that I was intentionally tortured.
I would like to clarify that my HOD supported and helped me as far as he could however after election got over, there was a decision made to transfer me to different department. I was going through a high-risk pregnancy and during that time. I reached out to HR to find out a valid reason of the transfer but I haven’t got any response from HR. It appears that HR is shying away from their core responsibility.

I was under such a tremendous mental pressure that I was advised bed rest by the doctor.
I was not even given a reason for the transfer. I told the HR that my career would be ruined but nobody did anything. Intentionally Ritesh Lakhi choose the time when I was not well. He knows very well that due to my pregnancy period I can’t go for a new job. He has an intention to ruin my carrier.

We (xyz & I) both were pressurized to write that we are happily shifting to the monitoring department (CMC). They took a signed from us on application for no objection.
I also tried to inform management about wrong decisions that Ritesh Lakhi was making however the HR (who is also a women) didn’t support us and I and my colleague xyz were wrongly accused of challenging the organization. I would like to clarify that I did not challenge the organization and I really respect this organization and job.
One thing  I want to mention that in the recent assessment of my work I got 5 OR 4 marks out of 5 from my HOD, if I think about why I’ve been shifted to a different department despite my performance, the answer that I get is that it happened intentionally.
I am talking about the system where in a women is being harassed like this. I’ve been transferred into a department in which there is no lady staff including HOD (even though my former HOD wasn’t a female), so I cannot share my problems with anyone. I’ve been shifted into small room filled of machines where my work was to continuously watch Television (T.V). When I discussed with my Doctor about this, I had been told that this kind of job isn’t medically fit for me. I have heard that no one would come to help from the system even a Female HR.
I shared this incident to my various Friends in different media organizations, NGO’s, took legal advice, talked in the I &B ministry and found that what has been done with me is purely wrong. My family, friends and well-wishers are with me. I would not let one person hassle me and will fight till the end to get back my position.

I am still contemplating legal course of action against him (Ritesh Lekhi) but following the channel of hierarchy is the first approach that I would like to explore.



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