वो झूठ बोलेगा और ला-जवाब कर देगा! सुनें-देखें ‘सरकारनामा’ का एक जोरदार एपिसोड

Abhijit Sarkar : “मैं सच कहूँगी मगर फिर भी हार जाऊँगी, वो झूठ बोलेगा और ला-जवाब कर देगा” -परवीन शाकिर

There is a always an intrinsic appeal to Lying. An appeal that speaks to our inner weaknesses. But this appeal is lackluster and often short lived. From kings to beggars we are all manufactured from our weaknesses and strengths.

This SARKARNAMA is dedicated to one such weakness we are often tempted to delve into. LIE.


SARKARNAMA by Abhijit Sarkar – झूठ का मायाजाल Episode

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