भास्कर चंडीगढ़ वालों ने पवन अग्रवाल और सुधीर अग्रवाल को भेजा एक गोपनीय मेल, आप भी पढ़ें



Dear Sir

This is to bring into your kind notice that there are some very unethical things going on which should not be acceptable in any organization at any level. For you reference, we are the employees of Chandigarh team and we are trying to escalate it, hoping that once day will come when every thing will be fine. We have tried to do it earlier also at our unit level but nothing happened unfortunately.

We have a female colleague named 123, who is in an affair with RFH named RK Gupta. Because of their affair, there are lots of unfair things, going on and there is nobody to point these out. In fact some people are helping them to hide their relation and benefits which are being given to 123. For example RK GUPTA giving her a lot of unfair benefits which is in front of every one in the department and our unit. Every person of our unit (Including our CEO Mr Vijay Kumar TV) is aware of this thing. But nothing can be done because of the person, who is doing all this, is RK GUPTA.

Following are the benefits which are in our knowledge, are necessary to share with you:

Promoted from xyz post to abc post without any knowledge on the basis of fake figures, reports and presentation presented in front of the HR panel while promotion process, with the help of RK GUPTA.

1. Unnecessary and exceptional salary hike recommendations by RK GUPTA.

2. Unnecessary and exceptional favors in different conditions.

3. Unnecessary and exceptional incentives and other expense claims.

4. Ignoring her rude behavior with other colleagues just because of their relation.

There may be lot of other things also which might be out of our knowledge.

Our purpose to escalate this issue is to clean the atmosphere of our office which is not workable now because of these things. Every one of us is depressed because of this situation. And the things are getting worst day by day.

We hope that some appropriate action will be taken on this issue. Else we will try again until we do not get the things on track.

Best Regards

employees of Chandigarh team

(पत्र में उल्लखित महिला के नाम और पद आदि को छुपा कर उसकी जगह 123 या xyz या abc लिख दिया गया है ताकि महिला की पहचान उजागर न हो. यहां पत्र प्रकाशित करने का मकसद किसी महिला का मानहानि करना नहीं बल्कि आफिस के भीतर की अनियमितताओं के खिलाफ उपजे असंतोष को स्पेश देना है.)

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