Note on the recommendations made by Delhi High Court Collegium

The meeting of the collegiums in Delhi High Court was held on urgent basis to accommodate sponsored candicates of the judges as well as of some political bosess. This meeting was not scheduled and was convened on urgent basis due to reason that a senior judge of Calcutta High Court Ms Indrani Banerjee was to join Delhi High Court as one of the senior most judges and as such the senior judges of the High Court of Delhi particularly Justice BD Ahmed and Justice Pradeep Nandagoj would not have been in position to dictate their terms or favour their candicates as in the eventuality of Justice Indrani Banerjee coming in the colligium, neither Justice BD Ahmed nor Justice  Pradeep Nandrajog would have been in a postion to influence the decisiuon as the Chief Justice Ms Rohini and Justice Indrani Banerjee would have been from outside Delhi and Justice Pradeep Nandrajog would have been excluded from the collegium.

The colligium while recommending the names has compromised the merit and meritorious candidates have been ignored as they have no God father to push their names even in the zone of consideration.

The profile of the shortlisted candidates is hereunder:

1. Mr Navin Chawla, Advocate: He is known to be very close to the present Finance Minister and is also related to him as he has been associated with Mr Jaitely in number of cases. He is an ordinary advocate with no credit of any good quality judgement in his professional capacity. His only qualification is that he has actively campaigned in the LOk Sabha elections 2014 for Mr Jaitley from Amritsar. Please referee TOI report dated 18/4/2014 he is well know as the part of the coterie of Mr Jaitely. He remained as standing counsel of the Central Government during the earlier tenure of Mr Jaitely as Law Minister in NDA govt.

2. Ms Pritiba Singh, Advocate: She is the part of the coeitre of Mr Arun Jaitley and was actively involved in the election campaign of Mr Arun Jaitley during LS elections 2014 from Amritsar algongwith her husband Mr Maninder Singh, now ASG at Supreme Court alongwith MR Navin Chawla and ors. She is a designated asenior advocate. She has been appearing for Mr ARun Jaitely in the defamation  suit  filed by Mr Arun Jaitely against Mr Arvind Kerjriwal . She is basically dealing with IPR matters which are settled amongst the parties in few dates of hearing before Delhi High Court. She has no other experience as well appearance in other types of cases.

3.  Advocate REkha Palli: She has been designated Senior Advocate, her father –in-law has been a Judge of Punjab and Haryana High Court and her cousin namely Mr Sanjeev Sachdeva is a sitting judge of Delhi High Court. She is practising in service matters as well as matters related to armed, para military forces etc. Apart from the same, she has no experience of any other branch of law. Her name has been recommended on account of her family connections with judiciary.

4.  Advocate Mr Vinay Garg: He is also been designated as  a senior advocate and deals in service matters and also in civil writs only. He has dealt in some criminal cases as well. He is also an ordinary lawyer with no good judgements to his credit.  His recommendation has been made by Justice Pradeep Nandrajog, Delhi High court Judge.

5. Advocate Mr Arjun Pant: He is the brother in law of Mr PinakiMishra, Senior Advocate and MP(LS) who happens to be the cousin of Justice Deepark Misra erstwhile CJ of Delhi High Cour and presently sitting judge of Supreme Court. He had been a standing counsel of NDMC at Delhi High Court during the tenure of Justice Deepak Misra as CJ of Delhi High Court. He is an ordinary lawyer with no credit of any good judgement.

6. Advocate Mr Rahim Rauf: He is not known at all in the legal fraternity practising in Delhi High Court. It is learnt that he is close to Justice BD Ahmed, senior most Judges of Delhi High Court.

7. Mr Rajiv Mehra, Senior Advocate: He is the nephew of Justice Usha Mehra, former judge of Delhi High Court and has good knowledge of DRT matters, Writs and had remained ASG during the UPA Govt. He is basically a civil lawyer.

8. Advocate AK Bahera: He is not a senior advocate and practices  in CAT and service matters. He does not have any experience of civil and criminal matters.

9. Jayant Tripathi, Advocate: He was working with Mr Sanjay Jain, present ASG, Delhi High Court. Mr Sanjay Jain belongs to the coterie of Mr Arun Jaitley who earlier tried to make Mr Sanjay Jain as Judge of Delhi High Court which can be verified from the records.

10. Mr Hari Shanker, Advocate: He is a senior designated advocate and deals in service, excise and custom matters.

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