रियायती रेल टिकट आनलाइन बुक करने में पत्रकारों को आ रही दिक्कत….

Attn Pls…. online Rail Concessional Ticket

Dear Journalist Friend,

If your name is consisting of more than 16 words (including space in between) would not be able to take online concessional Rail Ticket, as IRCTC site will refuse to accept your name mentioned in your concessional Railway Card.

I also got to know when one of my senior colleague Jai Prakash Pandey, faced the problem, now IRCTC issued new feed name consisting of 16 words including space : jaiprakash pande

he may enjoy online journalist concessional rail ticket now. if any of our friend has been facing same problem, he/she must have contact to IRCTC to redefine the name, or may mail me details, will be happy to assist you.

shishir soni
Vice President
Press Association

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