मीडिया स्टूडेंट की गुहार-रिफरेंस और संपर्क से मीडिया संस्थानों में भर्ती बंद करें

Hello! I am a media student. After completing my college, i have come to know that media organisations only want the experience persons but we freshers wont even provide any opportunity  to prove ourselves. Some of media organizations have vacancies but they only select those people who are in their contact, who do compromize, who have references… etc. There are many other reasons too.

I have only only one questions to all media organizations arn’t we freshers are capable to get a chance in good organizations? Just give us a chance n we will never let ur organization down. Stop the selection procedure through contacts  and references. Give primary priority to our talants. Yes you can go through your organization rules but please provide us platform so that we give better results to ur organization.



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