पाक कलाकारों के खिलाफ जहर उगलने वाला यह एंकर खुद पैसे देता है पाकिस्तानियों को!

Vinod Sharma : A formidable TV anchor is running a relentless campaign against Pakistani artistes who act and deliver dialogues written by their Indian script writers in settings decided by their directors in Bollywood films. But it just struck me that the same anchor is the provider of regular income (running into hundreds of USD) for Pakistani security experts and retired generals who are a regular fixture on his shows. And unlike Pakistani actors they don’t read out from written scripts They make arguments about which they aren’t surely informing the anchor in advance. For in the show they match derision for derision.

So what’s this duplicity all about dear anchor? You have the freedom to caste Pakistanis to make your talk show a hit. But not our film makers who are as much Indian and no less patriotic then you are. Moreover, they contribute immensely to India’s soft power image that is priceless and unavailable to many military powers. Think of it! Rashtra bhakti must start from home–like charity.That is, if the purpose isn’t to whip up jingoism; a war hysteria.

वरिष्ठ पत्रकार विनोद शर्मा की एफबी वॉल से.

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