दिल्ली में रेप, उत्पीड़न और उपेक्षा की शिकार मेडिकल छात्रा ने खुद की कहानी फेसबुक पर विस्तार से बयान की

my story… I am working in a reputed medical institute in Delhi and a victim of the attrocities and crime committed against me by Mr Manoj Kumar S/O Raghaw Pandey resident of village: Adapur, Shyampur, Motihari, Champaner, Bihar. He is a Phd scholar in Dept of Microbiology, Dept of lab medicine, AIIMS under the supervision of Dr Sarman Singh. What has happened with is the rememberence of the time when the women were downtrodden by the powerfull persons in the past. With malafide intentions this Manoj Kumar befriended with me through common friends and then contacted me through social media, he started showing interets in me through common friends.

After his repeated insistence met him at his hostel, gradually he started getting close though I didnt reciprocated and made him clear that he was just a friend to me. As I met him in educational background and later introduced by him to a spiritual group that follows buddhism, I was left with no option but to trust him completely and have faith on him.

Onn 22nd June 2013 he self invited himself at my accommodation in south delhi and stayed back late in the eve. I tried many a times to make him realize that it was time to leave but he ignored and on that eve he raped me for the first time on my bed, holding me tightly. I was unable to breath or scream as I was all alone in the two storied building. I was dying from inside getting thrashed by strong built man, after fulfilling his lust I was left devastated distressed. He after noticing my condition pretended to to be innocent and in love with me. He said this was for the first time he has done anything like that and was sorry for his deed. Asking me to forgive him, he said he will rectify his misdeed by marrying me. I was not in a position to utter a word or think anything.

Was left to cry my breath out, three days I locked myself in my own house. mentally physically ruined. thinking about whom to share, its a social stigma, having a younger sister who is yet to get married and heart patient father who’s on the verge of death and life, how to cope up with this situation.

Finally disclosed to my close friend and was advised to accept his proposal of marriage to cover up this black patch else I will be discarded from the whole society and no one will marry my Sister. Even Manoj kept on threatening me that he will devastate me and will make sure that my life gets destroyed if I ever open my mouth.

With this hope to get married soon I also let him be in my life,but gradually he started forcing me fr money on regular basis for his each and every expenses,I was forced to pay for his Foreign trips for conferences, clothing, food etc even for his family members.

He continued exploiting me by all means, physically, financially, mentally by emotionally blackmailing me, getting involved with me many times without my consent, he didnt even cared for me when I was severely ill with dengue. I was made to pay fr his entertainment trip to nainital, lansdowne, jim corbett jan 2014, he declared this as our honeymoon trip saying he has already married me mentally.

he checked out in hotels as my husband though I was the one to pay the whole expenses even for his alcohol consumption. After we came back was shocked to hear that he has deleted all photographs that has me along with him, I was hurt, he was indifferent as usual ,my emotions never mattered to him, for him I was just a body ,a money extracting machine ,but I was left with no option but to continue this relationship which meant only tears and insecurity for me every day and every night.

This turned more bitter and worst when I came to know that I was pregnant with his child feb 2014,I was very happy about this feeling which is the ultimate happiness for a girl. But got the biggest slap on my face when I was brutally turned out by Manoj ,he was violent ,abusing torturing me physically mentally to get aborted,I was adamant,but he started blackmailing that he will ruin my family,will leave me alone to suffer alone with the baby.he pressured me ,traumatized me to the extreme,I cried ,begged but all fell into deaf ears,he continued torturing me,threatening me of social defaming .

He took me to Doctor at Sir ganga Ram Hospital and introduced me as his wife,I was crying even in front of the doctor ,he was adamant about getting the abortion done lying to doctor that both of us are leaving India for Post doctoral research and cant have baby at that point of time. I was left nowhere,my baby was growing inside me and I was fighting all alone to save him from the murderer whoz acutally his father,but I failed and after two months pregnancy was given medication ,and was admitted in the same hospital twice once for heavy bleeding and later for incomplete abortion,totally drained out mentally ,physically with hardly any strength to walk or embrace life,all alone.All the formalities in the hospital was fulfilled by Manoj signing as my husband,I was made to pay all the expenses of abortion.

After clearing traces of his sin Manoj showed his true self,started avoiding me ,ignoring me ,whenever asked for marriage he would start fighting,except for the cases when he needed money he would be polite showing me beautiful dreams about marriage and having child again.

Funded his trip to meghalaya in April 2014,during all these process many a times I was left with no money for myself,even I had to mortgage my jewellaries,to meet his ongrowing expenses,he was busy with his buddhist group giving a damn about my emotions or my feelings,whenever he wanted to rape me he would come ,whenever he needed money he would extract.Meanwhile whenever I would urge him to fix a date for marriage he would end up in fierce fighting ,he even mentioned many a times that I should die and leave him alone in peace.He was forcing himself on me offlet,physically assaulting me along with immense mental torture leaving me with a little hope to live a normal life,with each passing day he was turning into an animal may be his getting unmasked.He was avoiding any discussion regarding marriage giving excuses about my caste he being a Bhumihar Brahmin.

I being an animal lover and a die hard fan of Union Minister Maneka Gandhi ,even thought of taking help of WCD ,I was such a fool when the situation was turning bitter with every passing day getting threatened by his brother not to disclose about abortion to anyone even my parents I lost my control once and said I will take help of NCW or Maneka mam,suddenly things became alright,his brother was polite to me ,Manoj was very soft to me ,they said they wanted to meet my parents and will come over to kolkata where my parents live,I was happy ,at last I will get the respect of a wife ,my life will be better .Thinking about a better future I funded their trip to kolkata bearing all the expenses of boarding,fooding,train fare everything,but the outcome of the discussion was a demand of huge dowry of around 80 lakhs and an arrangement of around 4000 people ,their fooding and all for reception which will be organized in Motihari,my parents being gov employee were disheartened as they cant afford such a huge cost .But for my happiness they said they will try their level best.A probable date of marriage was fixed in nov 2014.

But as soon as we came back to delhi Manoj and his brother again started showing their true colors,delaying the date of marriage,insulting torturing me and my parents ,manoj continued forcing himself on me,my tears my emotions again fall shrt for this inhuman heart,I was beaten up very often ,with marks and bruises I often used to go to my institute ,decaying day by day from inside I was feeling suicidal.

The ultimate shock was still left ,before the break off two or three days before came to know about his affairs with many girls,accidently got to see unacceptable photographs of manoj and certain girls in his abroad trips funded by me selling my jewellery,came to know when I was pregnant and going through hell because of him ,he was actually enjoying with his juniors at his bedroom.I wish I could have died before knowing this.

Final nail on the coffin was pinned by two leaders of buddhism group to whom Manoj has taken me a week before breakup ,who asked me to forget about marriage and just pray,but irony to this was that I was raped the same night after coming back from this meeting by the guy whom I was asked to forget.

These two ladies accompanied Manoj on 25th aug 2014 at my institute,while I was busy with my experiments,I was pulled by hair and then hand by one of these lady Natasha Kapoor namely,from my lab ,while the other Kumkum Maheshwari,both leaders of SGI,shouting violently abusing me ,threatening me and my parents ,mY father was hospitalised that time due to immense mental pressure because of my marriage ,and my mother who is also very ill was sitting beside my father on hospital bed,I fell at their feet requesting not to call them up ,but they were insulting my parents using filthy words .I could have lost my parents that day,situation was that bad,then these ladies dragged me downstairs,where Manoj was standing playing with his mobile.He took the charge then ,dragging me through the corridor to drive away,then they pinned me along a car,shouting using abusive words,threatening me and my parents in front of so many people,I cried ,begged to leave my parents ,not to bother but these only increased their brutality,I lost my control slapped Manoj,but was held tightly by these three along the car.

At this point some of institute members came out and took all of us inside to avoid the public display. There also they started abusing,physically torturing,manoj was violently pushing me when I begged him not to leave me but to marry me.The most tragic part is that a day before only I cried for hour begging him to fix a date of marriage telling him the condition of my father,but he was adamant,in the morning of 25th also I went to AIIMS ,his hostel to request for the same but he drove me away,hit me with piece of brick on my forehead,leaving me bleeding.

These three people threatened me that the acquaintances from the above said religious group are working at very high level in administration and police and that my complaint will not be registered and no action will be taken.Manoj also threatened me that he is working in AIIMS that top politicians,judicial personnels ,policemen are in his contact and with the help of these people he will implicate me in false cases and make my life hell,will completely ruin me and my family.

The entry of these two ladies in my institute was from the back door,while Manoj entered through the reception signing there without any mention of these two ladies in the entrance register.The main intention was to ruin my reputation in public so that I am left with only option that is suicide to get rid of this trauma,it was a preplanned criminal intimidation to devastate me and thus get rid of me.

Later everything was clear that after I uttered before about taking help from NWC he planned with the help of a lawyer and coming to kolkata and all were just the part of planning. I was shocked and dead,couldn’t believe someone can be so brutal fro whom I have sacrificed so much,given my everything my life,my savings,my trust everything.I was guided by elders to lodge an FIR,but there also again my trust was broken,police is to help common people but I was cheated badly,the complaint I had brought was not taken ,instead the IO of south Delhi police station made me write in her own way and own langauge so that it gets diluted,trusting her I followed what she said and as a consequence my case has been very weak and the accused ahs got bail after only 14 days of JC that too on wrong facts.Manoj while taking to JC turned around and smiled at me saying I being a lone girl cant do anything to him,he will be back soon and get marry with huge dowry and will settle in abroad,but he will make sure I will pay the cost of all these.

After coming back from jail he is threatening me and my family of acid attack adn accidental deaths ,am getting calls from different numbers to take back my FIR and leave delhi else would lost my life and my family. Chargesheet has been filed,the statements crucial fr this case has not been inlcuded by the IO in the chargesheet.This case has been my only mission in life,nobody can use and throw a girl in dustbin,I have to speak out so that no body else suffers as I did,I am alive just fro my justice ,am already dead but shall fight till the end.

My insitute has helped and supported me a lot and a sexual harassement committee was setup that proved his criminal intimidation,brutality and sexual harassemnt against me ,I have tried hard to lodge a complain fr sexual harassement with police ,but for IO the accussed is “bechara”,she refused to take any complaint ,also even after repeatedly mentioning about my wounds after rape she didnt even took a notice of that.

फेसबुक पेज Justice for victim of FIR No.947u/s376 IPC से साभार.

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Justice for Victim of FIR No.947

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