खबरचोर आजतक डिजिटल को योरस्टोरी डाट काम ने भेजा लीगल नोटिस, एक करोड़ रुपये का हर्जाना मांगा

The Editor In Chief
AajTak Digital


1. We, YourStory Media Private Limited (“YS”), is a company registered under the Indian Companies Act 1956 with its registered office at #259, 6th Cross Rd, 2nd Main, Indiranagar, 1st Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038, that hosts and maintains various websites including www.yourstory.com amongst others. YS is India’s leading media platform for entrepreneurs, dedicated passionately to championing and promoting the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem since 2008. We have incurred and continue to incur expenses and have put in a lot of effort and skill for the content production and publication on our website. We have an extensive network of content writers and other sources from whom the content is legitimately sourced.

2. It has come to our notice during a search that you are hosting an article on your website at the following URL(s): http://aajtak.intoday.in/education/story/adventure-tourism-guru-surbhit-dixit-1-910328.html which has been plagiarized from our website i.e. https://hindi.yourstory.com/read/379606510d/guru-intoxication-nomadic-adventure-tourism . We have ownership over the entire intellectual property rights, including copyrights, of the aforesaid contents, which you have illegally and without our proper authorization copied and have made available and accessible on your website. We have not granted you any license, authorization or permission nor have you sought the same from us, in any manner whatsoever for making our content (including photos) available on your website and, therefore, your aforesaid action is a gross violation of our rights. This act of yours is in clear violation of the provisions of Indian Copyright Act 1957, Indian Penal Code 1860 and other related and applicable laws.

3. By intentionally and deliberately posting such contents on your website without any authorization or permission from YS, you are causing undue gain to yourself and losses to YS. Your unlawful and unauthorized act of deliberately posting such contents on your website without any authorization or permission from YS has caused not only commercial and financial losses to YS but also has immensely damaged the reputation and goodwill of YS.

4. In view of such unauthorized and unlawful acts, we hereby call upon you to do the following:

a) Immediately within one day of receipt of this notice, cease and desist and refrain from reproducing, copying, displaying, making accessible or available any content /photos from any of our website(s) of which we are the owners, proprietors, publishers or copyright holders or in which we have any intellectual property rights, on your website either directly or through any links or otherwise in any manner whatsoever.

b) Pay damages amounting to the sum of Rs 1,00,00,000/- (Rupees One crore) for wrongful commercial gain to yourself and causing wrongful loss to YS within 7 days from the receipt of this notice.

c) Pay damages amounting to the sum of Rs 1,00,00,000/- (Rupees One crore) for loss of reputation and goodwill within 7 days from the receipt of this notice.

d) Confirm by email that you have carried out actions as mentioned in point (a) above by return within 3 days;

e) Confirm by email whether you also published the infringing articles in any print editions by return;

f) Undertake by email not to breach our copyright henceforth by return email.

5. Please note that, payment of the above monies by you to YS should not be construed as a permission to use our brand name.  Non-payment of the above-stated amounts within the time frame indicated above, shall entitle YS to claim interest at 24% p.a. compounded from the due date till realization. Further, we shall continue to monitor your website very closely for any  unauthorized use of our content and reserve the right to initiate legal action against you in case of any such violation  noticed in future without any further notice to you whatsoever.

6. Notwithstanding anything stated above, please note that if you do not comply within the period, we would have no option but to take appropriate legal proceeding against you and your legal representatives jointly and severally under the various provisions of Indian law, which shall be entirely at your cost and expense.

Yours Sincerely,
Grievance Officer
YourStory Media Private Limited

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