चैनल वन के आरोपों का पत्रकार नरिंदर जग्गा ने दिया जवाब

चैनल वन ने अपने पत्रकार नरिंदर जग्गा को टर्मिनेट करने का लेटर भेजा तो उन्होंने जवाब में चैनल वन के झूठ का खुलासा करते हुए एक कड़ा पत्र लिखा है. पहले पढ़िए चैनल वन की तरफ से भेजा गया पत्र….


This is to inform you that you have been terminated from the service because it is found that you have been indulge in some illegal activities as you were caught by a policeman yesterday as informed to Noida Office by you only. For further clarification please come to our Noida office before 2 pm on 15/01/2017. If you do not come we will consider it as your acceptance to the termination.

ये जवाबी पत्र है पत्रकार नरिंदर जग्गा का….

From: Narinder Jagga ( jagganarinder.journalist@gmail.com )

To: channelonenews news ( channelonen@gmail.com )

Date: Thu, Jan 19, 2017 at 6:07 PM

Subject: Re: Termination letter

Mr So and so…

I received your dirty letter.First of all i neither have been caught by any policeman,nor indulged in any illegal activities like you.I know and i have some letter of proof and conversation in which you demanded money for news for punjab election in lieu of news. If you play this type of dirty game, it will left no option to sent all proofs to election commission and to other concerned authorities and media.First you should prove your allegation then ask me anything.

You have misused my name in your channel.You must apologized for your misbehavior and  misconduct. You made agreement with Mr. Sunil Saharan for Punjab Election and as a friend of Mr. Sunil, i helped him. I am accredited and Editor of Punjabi news paper and English magazine along with three websites having thousands of viewers daily. What i need to be a part of such communal channel , who asks first that are you believe in specific religion. I will wait apologize from your side, otherwise i will be free to start legal action against.

Narinder Jagga

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