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हेमन्त तिवारी ने के. विक्रम राव को संगठन से निकालते हुए जो पत्र लिखा, उसे पढ़ें

Dear Shri K. Vikram Rao,

This is with reference to your illegal show cause notice dated 18.12.2015 and so-called suspension letter sent to me today by email.

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Your show cause notice and suspension both are unconstitutional, ultra vires and ridiculous and that is why, I did not think it necessary to send any reply to you. Since you have emailed fatuous letters to hundreds of other person that is why; I think it proper to tell you that you are no longer the President of IFWJ because no election has taken place for the post for the last many years. However, the Working Committee is in existence because it has been duly constituted in the last delegate session and by virtue of that Working Committee I continue to be the Secretary (North) of the IFWJ.

For your information National Council meeting to be held at Varanasi/Agra has been called by me in the capacity of Secretary (North) with the consent of Secretary General, your approval is not at all necessary because you do not exist to be the President of IFWJ. Apart from it, I would like to quote rule 63 which warrant action against you because you are playing in the hands of employer. This National Council meeting has been called to discuss the organisational matter to strengthen the organization and for deciding about the IFWJ Presidential Election. For your ready reference, I would like to reproduce rule 63 of the IFWJ Constitution.

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Rule 63

Any member or affiliated body be liable to disciplinary action by the Working Committee of the Federation in case of:

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(a)  default of payment;
(b)  criminal breach of trust;
(c)  defiance of any resolution or a directive of the delegates’ conference, National Council and the Working Committee of the Federation;
(d)  any activity or utterance prejudicial to the interests of the Federation or actively serving the interests of the employers as against the interest of the employees;
A member against whom there is a complaint of indiscipline shall be given a charge sheet in writing by the Working Committee and he shall be asked to submit a written explanation. He shall have a right to address the Working Committee on the subject if he so desires. The Working Committee shall take the decision after hearing the member concerned.

(e)  Disclosure of IFWJ matters to the press or to a non-member.

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Through this letter you are being asked within 72 hours as to why your membership from IFWJ be not terminated for;
A)   Financial irregularities
B)   Using the IFWJ’s press and printing machine for your personal enrichment
C) For bringing disrepute to the organisation by submitting and collecting the inflated bills as a wage board member. The inquiry of the Labour Ministry is still going on against your misconduct.
D)   Hobnobbing with the newspaper proprietor against the interest of employees
E)   Disclosing the IFWJ matters to the Press and non-members

The charges against you are of very serious nature. However, you are asked to explain within 72 hours of the receipt of this show cause notice as to why the Working Committee, which is to meet at Agra/Varanasi should not take appropriate disciplinary action against you?

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Thanking you

Yours sincerely
Hemant Tiwari
Secretary (North)-IFWJ

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