‘प्रयुक्ति’ अखबार के मैनेजमेंट पर कई आरोप लगा महिला पत्रकार ने कहा गुडबॉय, पढ़ें इस्तीफानामा

The Chairman
21 B/9, Rohtak Road, Opp LIC Building,
Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005


With a profound feeling, i, Ms Deepti Angrish, am confessing that coerced by the callous, inhuman, insensitive, merciless and intolerant behavior of the head and the team prayukti, i am taking the decision of leaving the publication. Despite of my hard work and loyalty towards the publication, i was humiliated at each and every moment, at each and every work of mine. This kind of torturous behavior started after the couple of days of my joining, which i ignored and kept working honestly and diligently. Following are the few instances (although there are actually numerous) which i can recall:

1. Despite of long durations of working from 12:00 Noon till 8 or 9 or 10 PM everyday including Sundays, i was termed as lazy and good for nothing. The exact words were “popular hone se ya sahityakar hone se kuchh nahi hota, prayukti mein talent bolta hai. Magazine ke log lazy hote hain par ye daily newspaper hai…” If this had been the case, then why after looking on my Facebook pages i was invited to join prayukti, the time when i was already working with some other publication or why it was not pointed out immediately after 15 days of my joining? I write small articles and that too not very often but the ones who call themselves  as ‘sahityakars’ are working as proof readers only.

I pointed out n number of times the reasons for the delays but they were ignored smartly. My reasons were: lack of sense of responsibility, disinterest from the work, lack of time management amongst the team members. Even if the matter/content of pages were given to the page designers within or before the mentioned time, they used to overlook them and used to work on them with their last priority. On one day (7.10.2016 Friday) when there was a delay by me in giving the matter to them by half an hour, then Mr Sampat Kumar Surppagari was informed telephonically about this, on which i was highly humiliated. The very next day (8.10.2016 Saturday) when i gave the current and next day matters to them much before the time, the pages were not ready but the designers were ready with their lame excuses and Mr Sampat Kumar Surppagari kept mum on the matter. This might be the excuse for not giving the extra penny to a worker who is asked to work like a laborer without any complaints.

Also as i could understand, you have no consideration for the safety of your female staff that used to leave in the late evening/night hours. Either my family used to pick me up at that time or i used to go by cabs by paying heavy charges in those odd hours. In reality, who is responsible for these delays and mismanagements?

2. In continuation of the above point, i would also like to point out that the male members here do not have manners to talk to a lady. In one of the instances, Mr Ashok Priyadarshi screamed on me and said “bakwas mat karo”, and on putting this in front of the panel comprising of the head, i was given a look as if i were a culprit. Again my vision says, the one who created these misunderstandings between me and Mr Ashok Priyadarshi and other colleagues was none other than the management itself.

3. The feature work has always been like a football, the lucky one gets it and the rest others are forced to regret on their failure of pleasing the boss. To make Mr Ashok Priyadarshi feel low (which i realized after my joining), i was appointed as the feature editor and Ms Priya was already being used as a pawn. And now it was my turn, so Ms Rajni Sharma entered into the field. Is’nt this a political game of management which is not letting feature team work as a team?? Is this the “divide and rule” policy?

4. On August15th, 2016, the launch of the prayukti in paper edition was done in Andhra Bhawan, Delhi.To make me feel low, i was not given any kind of recognition at all although the cleverly clicked pictures would say a different story.

5. A sweet tradition of celebrating everyone’s birthday is followed here. But for me it turned out to be bitter although i gave sweets to everyone on that very day (August 21st, 2016). For no clear reasons, a birthday cake (which was bought on the same day) was cut but on the next day at 9:00 PM when most of the staff had left! To be a tradition followed, thereafter, a gift is given by the head but it slipped out of their memory in my case. This shows the enjoyment one gets in humiliating others! Let me say it again…the cleverly clicked pictures would say a different story!

6. In every Saturday official meeting, i was harassed and humiliated about my work and my way of working. I was told different set of rules and different duties used to be allotted to me there but everything used to change drastically after stepping out of the conference room. On October 8th 2016, i was asked to proof read and edit the erroneous pages of the Sunday supplement (October 9th 2016) of which i was strictly told Ms Rajni Sharma was incharge and so i should not intervene. I did that dedicatedly but again the head’s discreditable conduct embarrassed me in front of everyone. I wasmockingly and sarcastically told, “Why you did it when i had asked you not to intervene?” My dedication is well reflected in this Sunday’s issue which has no comparisons with the erroneous last Sunday’s supplement issue (October 2nd, 2016) (You must have got the negative feedbacks!). If supplement pages are compared to the daily pages, then it should be noted the content is so weak that it hardly catches the reader’s eye.

From your recent post on official Facebook page (October 9th 2016), i came to know Ms Meenakshi has been handling page 12 of the main issue since a few days. But only on October 8th 2016, i was given this information and till 7.10.2016, i was handling everything of Page 12. Also the responsibilities of other pages and other duties, i continued to do them till 10:00 PM of October 8th 2016. Ms Meenakshi and her designers’ team also bossed me and said to proof read and edit that page on that very day!

So i was always kept confused and was treated like a doormat on which you and anyone can put any blame and walk away easily! Still i used to carry on with a fresh spirit thinking that one fine day things would change….

7. Also, i had never taken any leave in my stay here. But when i took it for two days (28-29thSeptember, 2016) and informed my unexpected and unavoidable reason on the same day on the official Facebook page, i had to face the inhumane and torturous behavior of the panel when i joined. Although, on the same day, an insensitive comment saying “aapne jaane se pehle kisse puchha” was put by Mr Mukund Mitr. I would like to ask the head that what a casual leaves mean.

8. In other instance, when on August 28th 2016, i lost my Access card in the evening, i realized this immediately and started asking my colleagues, housekeeping people, peons and sweepers there. I reported it to Mr R P Rao and then to Mr Sampat Kumar Surppagari. After 2-3 days, i was tagged as an irresponsible on the official Facebook page and therein, was informed to collect it from the Accounts Department on the deposit of fine of Rs 500. The person from housekeeping who was fired with no reason clearly told me that the card was given by someone from desk team to Mr R P Rao on the same day itself! I didn’t utter a word but watched their behavior. If i realized the loss on the same moment, then can i be tagged as irresponsible and if yes, then the latent reason for this was that i wasn’t given any seat, system or cubicle and so had to vacate the seat if the person concerned came! I never complained about the seat as i always believed in working irrespective of designations, tags and cubicles. Moreover, when i asked the Access card back from the authorities and deduct the fine amount from my salary, i got the ambiguous and enigmatic answer that they needed to ask the head whether it is to be returned or not!!

9. Its good to perform the religious rituals but being religious and being human are two different things!! God loves those people who love His people….

10. I tried my best and always gave my best to prayukti. My strong vision and thoughts adorned the feature pages! With my efforts, hard work and of course “popularity”, i connected many well-established people in this new venture of “ours”. I selflessly worked as if prayukti was my own baby and so i even used to forget my lunch hours many a times. Even after reaching home in the late hours of evening, i dedicatedly and religiously used to work for it till late night (that left only 3—4 sleeping hours). A few night hours and morning hours were the only hours in which i used to hurriedly do the required routine work for my home and then around 12:00 noon, again the bonded routine of prayukti used to start. My dedication and responsible behavior is well illustrated by the fact that that i have already done the advance work for the coming Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday (10-12th October, 2016 & 15th October, 2016) and submitted on Saturday (8th October, 2016) itself.

11. Also, the payment to freelancers who worked on my goodwill to make prayukti worth its name was never made till date!! The fake resolutions on the same were made in the official meetings.

12.  The seniors, who flatter you on your face or do sugar coated talks with you to save their jobs, have a different face on your back. At your back they address you with some other unpleasant names. Real people are those who respect you even at your back!

I am very confident and proud to say that no one can beat me in my work, be it supplement incharge’s or designers’! The quality of the product is incomparable to what it was before my joining. But in such kind of insensitive and torturous environment what kind of perfection is expected from any human being? To err is human….but different rules for error committing humans too! For me, on my one spelling mistake that got published, i was charged with a fine and a receipt of Rs 500 was handed over to me. This rule was made for the very first time and existed only for me! To forgive is divine…..so the head was acting divine to all the other error committing humans. Let me remind in the editorial page no. 7 of 11th August 2016 issue, highly designated editors skipped a big error and intentionally didn’t bring in the notice when it already got published that the name of chairman, SAMPAT was written as SANTAP. Or was this a very small mistake of big designated people which shouldn’t be bothered about and overlooked?

The theme of prayukti is “SACH, SOCH AUR SAMADHAN” which I am sorry to say is not at all reflected in your behavior.  You could not tolerate SACH, stopped the SOCH of your employees and there is no SAMADHAN to it!! These should not have been words, but should have been seen in your action. The feature pages of Prayukti have grown up in my parentship and now since the new caretaker has been appointed, parents are of no use!! So before a well-crafted melodrama ends, i would like to say, “in order to free myself from the mental slavery of yours, to regain my confidence and to feel again what life is, i am breaking these invisible shackles.”

You are requested to clear all my dues including my salary from 1.10.2016 till 8.10.2016 and the money of Provident Fund of employees and credit in my ICICI bank account as soon as possible.

All the best
An Honest and Loyal employee
Ms Deepti Angrish

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