‘डाक्टर साब, स्मोकिंग अगर छोड़ दूंगा तो अस्थमा से मर जाऊंगा’

As an individual has his own personality, each and every remedy have their own peculiarities also .These both are some of the most relevant symptoms for the selection of appropriate remedy. Alertness of prescriber’s mind catch these symptoms easily but attendant and patient both can not aware about the usefulness of those symptoms. So they will never give them directly.

Once at a time a senior citizen came in my clinic with his son. He was suffering from cough and breathlessness from long period.He had been already taken so many treatments from other pathies as well as Homoeopathy also with little relief. When I was taking the symptoms of Grand old man he looked in much more discomfort to talk due to short breathing . In between our conference his son interrupted us. He said ‘Doctor you can’t cure his father’. ‘Why?’ I ask. ‘Because he can never left the smoking.’ He answered. ‘Is it true?’ Then I asked from the patient.

His answer surprised all of the person present in my clinic at that time except me. He said if he doesn’t smoking it seems his asthma will kill him. No any medicine gives him as much relief as smoking. Smoking gives relief to asthma and cough is the peculiarity of Arania D. I prescribed him Arania D 30 and said to come next week. When he returned was in great relief.

Note – Here a question raised naturally “How a cause of asthma ‘smoking’ can give relief?” After a long thinking I reached at some undergiven points –

1- his asthma was not due to pulmonary disorder directly, but due to anaemia.

2 – anaemia causes the loss of oxygenation to brain and brain meets it by enhancing the work of heart. As much as heart rate increases pulmonary rate will increased naturally and this is the cause of asthma here.

3 – Smoking loads the nicotine on blood in lungs and this nicotinised blood when reached in brain it sedate it.

4- requirement of oxygenated blood of sedated brain lessened because of that cardiac and pulmonary action diminished also by which Asthma relieved.

5-An other question raised here ‘then what was the purpose of Arania D?’

Arania D is usually a splenic remedy by employment of it work of spleen raised and percentage of hemoglobin in blood normalised. By which loss of oxygenation to the brain normalised and cure became possible.


Dr M D Singh
Managing director
MD Homoeo Lab Pvt Ltd
Maharajganj Ghazipur
U.P India

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