‘सूर्या समाचार’ वाले अब धंधेबाजी पर उतर आए हैं, ब्यूरोज पर विज्ञापन के लिए बनाया जबर्दस्त दबाव, देखें मेल

Subject : Monthly Business

Dear All,

As you very well know that our company is operating since last one and half year without any profit, in spite the company has credited your salary timely in your account. But unfortunately, now the situation has gone worst in terms of financial stability.

We need your support to maintain this stability. So in this regard, as per the decision of the management, it is hereby informed that you have to separately provide a business of at least Rs. 25 lakh per month to the company with immediate effect.

We are grateful to you all for your endeavors and diligence towards your work with our company. We shall appreciate if you cooperate with us in this time of obscurity. —

Subject : Fwd: Monthly Business

Dear All,

We have received mails from some of bureaus asking for Marketing Executives with them for achieving business target of 25 Lakh but we let you tell that this business is related to Government ads of your respective location and not concerns to general ads. So focus for the government ads for achieving target as some of our bureaus is doing and getting appreciated.

Secondly, as per the order of management no reimbursement for conveyance/travelling/petrol car bills will be paid to any bureau from this month onward.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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