दिल्ली के जाने-माने पत्रकार जॉन दयाल को कुछ दक्षिणपंथी ताकतें धमका रही हैं

The Delhi Union of Journalists in association with Sahmat has castigated the targetting of well known journalist, member of the National Integration Council, human Rights activist and General Secretary of the All India Christian Council, John Dayal by some rightwing outfits. It has taken a serious note of his complaint to the police commissioner and has called for immediate protection to him and his family.

We are attaching copies of the FIR received to the Delhi Chief Minister, Lt. Governor and the Human Rights Commission. We further take note of the fact that John Dayal has completed over 40 years in journalism besides being a writer, known to have been associated with a book coauthored with Ajoy Bose in 1977 called “For Reasons of State: Delhi Under Emergency”. He is known to espouse secular causes from time to time.

Sh. Bhim Sain Bassi,
Commissioner of Police
Delhi Police Headquarters,
ITO, New Delhi-110002

Dear Sir,

Sub: i) Threat to my life and liberty, criminal intimidation and defamation suffered by me at the hands of various people on the website ‘www.twitter.com’.
ii) Widespread attempts to disturb and prejudice religious harmony and insult Christianity with the malicious intention of outraging the religious beliefs of Christians.

.      1)  I am a member of the National Integration Council (NIC)of India, Secretary- General of the All India Christian Council and a past president of the All India Catholic Union. I have subscribed to the website twitter.com and use the medium to communicate with various people. I have been the subject of tremendous and vile abuse (both personal and religious in nature) on twitter, from various miscreants for a long time now. I regularly receive threats to my life and liberty and live under constant fear. Previously I made complaints to the concerned authorities, however, no action has been taken till date. 

.      2)  This campaign of abuse is directed not only at me but at the Christian community in general and there appears to be a deliberate and concerted attempt to prejudice religious harmony and hurt the sentiments of the Christian community and other Indians as well. 

.      3)  This campaign of vitriolic abuse, vilification and bigotry reached a crescendo on 12th September, 2015, when a sudden, unprovoked and large scale attack on me and the members of my community was launched on twitter by a large number of people. I am emphasizing with great pain that the abuse in question was directed not only at me but also the larger Christian Community. My personal telephone number was posted on twitter and the world at large was invited to threaten and abuse me on the phone. As soon as my number was released I began receiving threatening and abusive phone calls. I am not able to use my mobile phone now. 

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.      4)  The extent of abuse and threats faced by me can be gauged from the fact that within a few hours ‘shame on john dayal’ started trending. As you are aware sir, a ‘trend’ indicates that a large number of people are tweeting with the phrase which is trending. 

.      5)  Sir, as the screenshots attached by me will illustrate, I have been accused of selling my mother and have been the recipient of vile cuss words. Handles like @smartindianhere @tsukinorayko @vsreeniwas @sarcaism are a few out of many who have shamelessly abused me. @abdullah_0mar’s tweet claimed that I endorse rape. 

.      6)  Direct threats of harm to my life and liberty have been made. People tweeting from handles such as @ajaykamath1981 @dwivedi_ji12 tweeted saying that I must die, with the latter tweeting that the person who shoots me will be a patriot. People tweeting from the handles @damodarshenoy92 @kaandmasti
@joydeep1985 incited people to be violent with me. 

.      7)  Sir people tweeting from @prohindugirl @socialmediatbn @milind_singh @munendradwivedi @jagobharathjago @revolutionmonk went a step ahead and attacked my religion-Christianity. Previously, @abhijeetsinger who is a famous bollywood singer had tweeted that I should be hanged along with YakubMemon. Another person using the handle @anandks666 tweeted a threat to commit depraved crimes against my son and wife. I find it beyond my dignity to quote the tweets in question and the screenshots of the same have been attached for your convenience. 

.      8)  Sir, my reputation stands destroyed, my life is in danger. I live under fear for my life and liberty and more alarmingly there is a conspiracy underway to destroy religious harmony. A prima facie perusal of the tweets attached with this complaint reveals the commission, inter alia, of offences under sections 153(A), 295 (A), 499, 503, 505 and 507 of the Indian Penal Code and other enactments. 

.      9)  By the means of this complaint, I implore you to act against these dangerous people so that my life is protected and no further harm is caused to me or to religious harmony in general and such criminals are brought to book. 

Dr. John Dayal
505 Link Apartments, 18 Indraprastha Extension, Delhi

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