Newspapers of J&K feign ignorance about the Majithia Award

The report of the Government of J&K filed in the Supreme Court of India on the status of the implementation of the Majithia Wage Boards filed by the Labour Commissioner Shri Vipra Bhal says that ‘None of the newspapers has been found to be satisfactorily abiding by the recommendations (Majithia Wage Board) citing one or the other ground. The newspaper establishments have, however, been made to understand that they are statutorily obliged  to abide by them and any lapse in this regard may result in launching of prosecution against them.’

The affidavit of the Labour Commissioner reveals that many few newspaper establishments have feigned ignorance regarding the Majithia recommendations and their obligations of implementing the same. Major media houses, like the Hindustan Times and Indian Express, have been found to be operating through three -four employees on contract basis and on inquiry in respect of compliance of recommendations they claimed that the employees engaged through the contract are beyond the ambit of the Wage Board recommendations. The report says that except for the Amar Ujala Group none of the newspaper establishment has even bothered to furnish any reply to the queries of the Labour Commissioner.

The report says that the Government of J&K has initiated prosecution against two newspapers in Jammu namely; ‘Punjab Kesari’ and ‘Early Times’. Similarly, in the Kashmir region the Labour Department prosecution against six newspapers has started. Thus, the report of the Government of J&K suggests that the newspapers of state have little respect even to the order/direction of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

Parmanand Pandey
Secy. Gen. IFWJ

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