‘बिजनेस स्टैंडर्ड’ अखबार ने अपने कर्मचारियों में मजीठिया वेज बोर्ड का का बकाया एरियर वितरित किया

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देश के प्रमुख बिजनेस समाचार पत्र ‘बिजनेस स्टैंडर्ड’ से खबर आ रही है कि इस अखबार ने अपने कर्मचारियों को मजीठिया वेज बोर्ड के अनुसार बकाया लाखों रुपये का एरियर दे दिया है। कर्मचारियों को पांच से आठ लाख रुपये तक उनका बकाया एरियर देकर वेतन वृद्धि का भी काम प्रबंधन ने किया है। हालांकि ये लाखों रुपये का एरियर सिर्फ उन्हीं मीडिया कर्मियों को दिया गया है जिनका वेतन कम था।

जिनका वेतन ज्यादा था, उनको इसका लाभ नहीं मिला है। जस्टिस मजीठिया वेज बोर्ड के अनुसार माननीय सुप्रीमकोर्ट के आदेश का पालन करते हुए इस अखबार के 12 संस्करणों में कम वेतन पाने वाले मीडियाकर्मियों को पांच से आठ लाख रुपये का उनका बकाया दिया गया है। हालांकि मजीठिया के जानकार इस दिए गए एरियर को ऊंट के मुंह में जीरा बता रहे हैं।

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Comments on “‘बिजनेस स्टैंडर्ड’ अखबार ने अपने कर्मचारियों में मजीठिया वेज बोर्ड का का बकाया एरियर वितरित किया

  • Ram Rahim Singh Augustine says:

    Dear Mr. Shashi Kant Singh,

    This is regarding Business Standard Majithia Wage Board arrrear payment to their staff. I am surprised how this news you have published. How much Business Standard’s corrupt officers Mr. Amitave Sinha (HR and Admn-Head), Ms. Shewta Verma,HR Manager, and Mr. Nripendra Gupta, DDG Finance offered you for the publication of this fake news. The management of business standard believe in gracing the palm of officers to fulfil their target. These officers are black stain on the Business Standard and the employees are tired of from their behaviour, cleverness and style of working. These three black stain not only cheating their staff but also misguiding the governmental agencies by submitting fake reports. Actually, these three need immediate arrest for their crimes/fraudes in the staff of Business Standard. Ms. Shewta Verma HR Manager is a psycho patient and need treatment. She has changed the grades of the staff members to show that they are paying higher wages to their employees. The HR Department is actually a centre for scam maintaining to spoil the career of the employees. The management is a of theft mentality and maintaining biases, favourtism in the office.

    Please edit this news as : Business Standard has demoralised their staff by not giving wages

  • It is unfortunate that Business Standard staff is not getting wages at par with Majithia Wage Board. No calculation were done by the HR and Finance Department. When staff asked for the details of arrear, the HR Manager refused to tell anything. Payment of Arrear in the name of Majithia Wage Board is actually fraud with the employees. There are many other staff members who were not considered for the arrear. The HR and Finance Managers have little knowledge and they are thefting wages by giving wrong clarifications. The news is fake and not true. Staff members are not getting till today wages at par as recommended by Wage Board.

    Manoj Sharma

  • Shashikant Trivedi says:

    I am working in Business Standard from the year 2006. I was maltreated and threatened by Mr. Shyamal Majumdar, Editor, and Mr. Ashok Bhattacharya of Business Standard. These two are criminal minded and used to force their journalist to write whatever they want. I submitted my claim for Majithia Wage Board in December 2016. The most corrupt and characterless HR Manager Mr. Amitava Sinha has sent transfer order. Keeping in view, that I have old ill parents who are dependent on me and I was bed riden, an order to stop payment of my salary was issued in May 2017. Business Standard is group of cunning,cheater and corrupt minded people. They have never given salary equivalent to Wage Board to me and other staff members. Mr. Sanjiv Kulbe, dealing with editorial staff appointment is also a corrupt and criminal minded who always guide the new comer and other staff. I do not understand why the BS has allowed AKBhattacharya a man who was arrested and spend three days in jail and Mr. Sanjiv Kulbe to sit in the office for no work except to play backbite and play politics with their employees. Business Standard is a hell. Its management is sucking the blood of their employees.



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