विक्रम राव को लखनऊ में ifwj के ही एक अन्य साथी कामरान ने दिखाया आइना

तुम खामोश रहो ……..IFWJ की बेबसाइट पर संविधान ACCOUNTS सब हैं… आप थोड़ा पढ़े लिखे होते कामरान…. अगर आप जि़म्मेदार होते…

-के. विक्रम राव (राष्ट्रीय अध्यक्ष, IFWJ)

I cannot keep SILENCE…May be you….

My firm believe that in today’s context of relentless upheaval in the media world, and journalism in particular, that it is a good time to resurrect the moribund organization registered way back in the year 1950 and put it back on the map. I agree, and this is why I decided to stand for election to the National Council after being approached by one of my friend and son of senior IFWJ leader.

The UPWJ/IFWJ, is always an illustrious organization, serving journalists and other media professionals until falling under bad leadership or disputes in leadership and hard times recently.

That the IFWJ is in disarray, there can be no doubt. There were allegation stories, Sacking of Post bearers in the last two months. No justified reasons from any Seniors from either side was given. My several emails remain unanswered till date, no response among either the President or her hand-picked appointees that occupy most of the so-called ‘executive committee’.

Like me other National Council elected for the first time stand on the precipice, waiting to see how all this plays out. I am one of them. However, rather than standing idly by, I have decided that the IFWJ is probably something worth fighting for. Hence I opted to fight for a cause, for my duties for my organization IFWJ.

This is indeed a struggle for the soul of the IFWJ. It will either be left to become the plaything of some of our SENIORS and their handmaidens or they will be removed and a new light with more young Comrades will be elected.

What I have learnt from others is that since several years the President and other senior are self-appointed members of the executive were not elected but appointed. Likewise in UPWJ NC are more or less appointed not elected. Everything was predefined and no NC can deny this fact. The state units of IFWJ are currently ruled as if this is a tinpot dictatorship, where members are supposed to sit idly by waiting for edicts to come down from on high.

The actions of the President IFWJ and ‘State committee’ (UPWJ) are opaque, lack the guidance of rules, procedures and principles consistently applied – the Constitution notwithstanding. Meetings are held without notice, minutes, or indication of who participated, etc. and decisions dispensed from on high. Such practices are not acceptable by any organization, least not that of an organization that purports to representat the interests of media workers and journalists committed to a well-functioning free press within a democratic society.

There are several problems in all of this, and I will raise these issues from time to time. The most important of all to know the SOUL of our parental organization i.e. CONSTITUTION, ACCOUNTS of the organization.

I have send several emails, personally tried to contact the seniors, IFWJ Media Incharge but all keeps pin drop silence on this issue. I, therefor decided to ask our National President K. Vikram Rao in front of all journalist in Lucknow and his reply is shocking. One of my friend has send me Video recording of the so called agitation at Gandhi Pratima, GPO Park, Lucknow. My elder borther Pranshu Misra and others who raised hands knowing UPWJ/IFWJ well, provide me copy of constitution/accounts or should feel ashamed of themselves publicly acknowledging having accounts/constitution of UPWJ/IFWJ.

The IFWJ President Truth is exposed in the video footage which will be uploaded shortly. Conversation in form of text to expose the FACT and FACES of so called leaders ……

तुम खामोश रहो ……..IFWJ की बेबसाइट पर संविधान ACCOUNTS सब हैं आप थोड़ा पढ़े लिखे होते कामरान अगर आप जि़म्मेदार होते…

-के. विक्रम राव (राष्ट्रीय अध्यक्ष IFWJ)

सभी जिम्मेदार और पढ़े लिखे साथियों से अपील है आप www.ifwj.in website देखकर बताये कहां है संविधान accounts, और मेरा भी ज्ञान बढ़ायें। अगर मैं झूठा तो मेरा सर आपका जूता —–

Tell me if I’m wrong, I offered to tender my resignation from the post of NC. Stepping outside the post is neither easy or fun. However, once I decided to accept my position, I committed to doing the best I could and “the right thing”.

Hope to get response….

Thanking and assuring of my best strength at all times..

Mohammad Kamran

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